What’s In My Travel Makeup Bag? – Tenerife

As you may know, I recently got back from Tenerife and I thought it would be quite nice to share with you what was in my travel makeup bag. I really enjoy reading this type of post as I find them really helpful for discovering new products and for travelling too. I also enjoy writing them so I thought it would be worth doing. I thought it would be a good idea to go through each product, tell you about it, why it’s in there etc. just so you know whether you’ll like them or not. I also tried to take a small amount of products as I was taking hand luggage only. Anyway, I hope you enjoy this and let me know if you’ve tried any of these makeup products.

The Makeup Bag – I’m taking my Ted Baker Katient Small Bow Makeup Bag which fits everything minus the eyeshadow palette and the cream contour kit. It’s the pale pink one with the grey bow which is such good quality and definitely worth the price.

The Summer Bronzer – So, the first thing is the L’Oréal Glam Bronze Bronzing Powder in ‘Caribbean Sun.’ This is my favourite bronzer for bronzing the face and obviously on holiday I want to look as bronze as possible. It has a very, very slight shimmer to it which is lovely for Summer and it’s also the perfect shade for my skin.

The Stunning Highlighter – Next I have one of my all time favourite products, Becca Shimmering Skin Perfector in ‘Moonstone.’ You’ve probably heard everyone talking about these highlighters and it’s for a good reason (see my full review here). It is the most finely milled highlighter ever and this shade is perfect. It’s great for adding a natural glow to the skin which is what I want on holiday and in Summer.

The Waterproof Liquid Liner – I don’t wear liquid liner a lot but I need to take it in case I want to put some on. My favourites are from L’Oréal as they are easy to apply and don’t smudge or transfer and the one I’m taking is the L’Oréal Super Liner Black Lacquer Waterproof as it is waterproof perfect for humidity and hot weather.

The Lightweight Concealer – I love lightweight and natural concealers and my favourite is the Rimmel Wake Me Up Concealer in ‘Ivory.’ It gives a medium coverage and a radiant finish which I personally love and is great in warmer weather.

The Perfect Powder – As I have oily skin and the weather is hotter which will make it even more oily, powder is 100% necessary. My all time favourite is the Rimmel Stay Matte Pressed Powder in ‘Transparent’ which sets my makeup into place all day and it is just as great as any high end powder.


The Best Brow Kit – The brow product which I use all the time and have done for a year is the L’Oréal Brow Artist Genius Kit in ‘Light/Medium’ which has a powder and a wax. I can do natural brows for when I have no other makeup on and I can do full brows for when I’m wearing a full face. I couldn’t go a day without this.

The Contour Shade – For contour I actually use the Benefit Hoola Bronzer. It is the perfect shade for my paler skin (however, I am excited for the lighter version in May!, it’s matte and it’s so natural… I just love it! (read my full review here) It has khaki undertones but it’s also great for bronzing up the face too.

The Smudge Proof Mascara – My favourite mascara ever is the Maybelline Lash Sensational Mascara in ‘Black’. It is volumising, lengthening and even though it’s not waterproof it’s completely smudge proof. If you are looking for a waterproof mascara, the waterproof version of this is so waterproof you won’t be able to get it off.

The Matte Foundation – I’m currently trying out the Bourjois Air Mat Foundation in ‘Rose Ivory’ which I will do a full review on soon. It is a matte foundation and it keeps my oily skin shine free for a number of hours.  It’s important in hot weather for me to wear a matte foundation or it wouldn’t be on my face after half an hour.

The Perfect Palette – The Urban Decay Naked 3 Eyeshadow Palette is my go to eyeshadow palette as it has some stunning pink shades, an array of brown shades, a matte white and also a black. The quality of these is very good, the packaging is very sturdy so it’s perfect for travelling and there is also a good mirror which is great.

The Matte Eye Primer – I think eyeshadow primer is such a necessary step as it keeps my eyeshadow on for so much longer without fading, smudging or creasing. My favourite is the Urban Decay Eden Eyeshadow Primer Potion as it’s completely matte so works with ever look.


The Contour Kit – I don’t often use my Sleek Cream Contour Kit in ‘Medium’ as it’s too dark for me usually and I find contouring with powder easier. However I thought it would be perfect now as it has darker shades and I’m going to be fake tanning, I can use it to darken my foundation and it also has a large mirror which I’ll use for doing my makeup.

The Nude Lip – My current favourite nude lipstick is MAC Satin Lipstick in ‘Viva Glam II’ as it is a medium nude shade with a bit of pink in it. It has a satin finish so it’s comfortable on the lips yet it is very opaque and long lasting.

The Liquid Lipstick – I wanted to take a liquid lipstick and a true nude shade with no undertone so I’m taking my NYX Soft Matte Lip Cream in ‘Abu Dhabi.’ It is a medium nude with no undertones and it is so comfortable on the lips you can barely feel it.

The Bright Lip – As I already had two nudes I thought I would take a bright lip as they look great with a tan. I decided on the Stila Color Balm Lipstick in ‘Avery’ as it’s a stunning coral pink shade and it has the nicest lip balm like formula yet is so opaque and long lasting.

The Versatile Lip Liner – As I’m taking three quite different lip options I wanted to take a lip liner that works well with all of them. I chose the Model Co Illusion Lip Liner as its a ‘your lips but better’ shade and it seems to work with anything.

Love Sarah x

Sleek Cream Contour Kit Review

I wanted to do another review for you all today and I thought it was about time to review my Sleek cream contour kit. I’ve had it for a while now, since June, and I thought I’d give it a full review and let you know all my thoughts and my honest opinions.

I bought this three or four months ago when I decided I wanted to try cream contouring. After having a look around Superdrug, I chose to by this one by Sleek which had six colours inside and retailed for £10.99. It comes in three shades, ‘Light,’ ‘Medium’ & ‘Dark,’ and I decided to buy the shade Medium (wrong choice, I should have got Light!). Of the six colours, two of them are for highlighting and four are for contouring. I’m going to give you a run down of the colours inside:

01 – Perfect for highlighting, this is a light, creamy ivory shade which is less than half a shade lighter than my skin. I’ve hit pan on it and I’ve used about half.
02 – Made for highlighting, this light, warm olive colour is too dark for highlighting my skin but not dark or cool enough to contour with. It’s probably my least used shade.
03 – The lightest contouring shade in this palette, it is a medium, warm tan shade. A great colour but because of a contrasting undetone to my skin, I don’t often find myself using it.
04 -A great contouring shade, it is a neutral, medium tan shade, slightly darker than the one previous. It is great for contouring as it’s quite cool, but not to cool that I couldn’t use it as a bronzer.
05 – The third contouring shade in this palette, it is medium brown with a cool tone to it. I love it for contouring and is my most used shade from this palette and I’ve hit pan.
06 – The darkest shade in this palette is a dark is a dark brown shade with neutral tones. Because of it’s dark tone I don’t use it much but it’s good if I have a tan.

The blendablity of this product is amazing and it is consistent through out the whole palette. The formula is beautiful and they have the perfect amount of pigmentation. I love the packaging of this product. It is matte black and Sleek is on the front in shiney black writing. It is thin so perfect to travel with it and I love the big mirror in it – it’s a great size.

Love Sarah x

Whats In My Makeup Bag? – Majorca

I’m still currently on the island of Majorca and I’m having the best time. Today I thought I’d share whats in my holiday makeup bag for a hot, sunny, Summer holiday. These are some of my favorite types of posts to write and also to read so I hope you enjoy!

My base is always hard to decide on and it is fair to say that I don’t need this many concealers, but I did try my best to narrow it down. For foundation I decided to take my Rimmel Wake Me Up foundation in ‘Light Porcelain’ which is one of my favorite and most reliable foundations. Concealers was hard for me… I have my Collection Lasting Perfection concealer in ‘Fair’ which can literally cover anything. I decided I had to have my Rimmel Wake Me Up concealer in ‘Ivory’ for brightening the under eye, and I also chose to take my Maybelline Fit Me concealer in ’10’ which is a bit too dark for my skin so with a tan, it’ll look perfect. I’m also taking my favorite powder, Rimmel Stay Matte pressed powder in ‘transparent’ which sets my makeup perfectly into place all day.


Next things are cheek prodcuts (what do you even call them?), like bronzer, blusher, etc… you know what I mean. First thing is my newest addition, my Sleek cream contour kit in ‘Medium’ which I’m currently really enjoying. Also for contour, I just have to take my Seventeen Define & Conquer contour kit in ‘Medium’ which is one of my favorite products. For bronzer I’m taking my favorite one, which is L’Oreal Glam Bronze bronzing powder in ‘Caribbean Sun’ which is the perfect colour on me. And lastly I’m taking my Studio blush & highlighter palette, not for the blushers (I probably won’t use them, I’m not a fan of blusher on me), but for the amazing pink toned highlighter which is so pigmented.


Moving on to eyes, possibly the most exciting for me at the moment. Firstly, eyebrows, and I’ve chosen to take some reliable products, my Maybelline Master Shape brow pencil in ‘Dark Blonde’ and my L’Oreal Brow Artist Genius kit in ‘Light/Medium.’ I need a good eye primer and I’ve decided on the Urban Decay Eden eyeshadow primer which makes my eyeshadows last so much longer. Choosing the eyeshadows was a difficult disission but I went with my current obbsession, the Urban Decay Naked 3 palette which has the perfect array of shades for me. I’m taking my favorite pencil eyeliner, the Lancôme Le Crayon Kohl Noir and also my favorite liquid eyeliner, the L’Oreal Super Liner black laquer. You could say I’ve maybe overestimated how many mascaras I’ll need, but the first one I’m taking is my Rimmel Wonder’full mascara in ‘Extreme Black’ which I’ve been loving latley. I also decided on my Max Factor 2000 Calorie dramatic volume mascara in ‘Black’ which is one of my all time favorites. Another all time favorite of mine is the Maybelline Lash Sensational lash multiplying mascara intense black which I love lots.

One of my favorite parts is lips, and lately I’ve been trying out some amazing new products. I tried really hard to narrow it down, but as you’ll soon find out, I’ve not done very well. The first one I chose is an old favorite, my MAC Cremesheen lipstick in ‘Creme Cup,’ a gorgeous light blue toned pink. I also love my newest MAC lipstick which is MAC Satin lipstick in ‘Snob,’ which is a light/medium pink with purple undertones. I also had to take an easy option, my MAC Matte lipstick in ‘Honeylove.’ I also wanted to take a brighter more summery colour so I chose my Stila Color Balm lipstick in ‘Avery’ which feels like a lip balm, but is as pigmented as a lipstick. I wanted to take my two most recent purchases, my NYX Soft Matte lip cream in ‘Tokyo’ which I love loads, and also my NYX Butter Gloss in ‘Fortune Cookie.’ And lastly (you’ll be glad to know), I needed a lipliner so I chose one that would go with everything, my MUA Intense Colour lipliner in ‘Caramel Nougat.’


Using the right tools to apply your makeup is super important so I’m taking my favorite makeup brushes with me. For my face makeup I took my Real Techniques powder brush, my Real Techniques multi task brush, my Real Techniques sculpting brush, my Real Techniques essential foundation brush, and my Bare Minerals foundation brush. For my eye makeup I took my Real Techniques domed shadow brush, my Revlon double ended smokey eye brush, and four Fearne Cotton eye brushes.

Love Sarah x

How I Contour & My Favorite Products

If you didn’t know already, I love to contour. I already have quite prominent cheekbones and jawline but I just love the overall look of contour and alot of highlighter. Today I’ll be sharing what I do to contour and what my favorite products for contouring are.


The first thing I do is apply Rimmel Match Perfection foundation in ‘light porcelain’ which is high coverage and has a natural finish as my base. Then I use Maybelline Fit Me concealer in ’10’ just to cover any redness or blemishes.

The first contour product I use is Sleek cream contour kit in ‘medium’ which I really love. It has six shades, two for highlight and four for contour and they are all so easy to blend. I use the shade 1 in a triangle under my eyes and inbetween my brows up onto my forehead. I use shade 2 down the bridge of my nose. For contouring I use the shade 5 around my temples which also makes my forehead look a bit smaller, and on my jawline to make it more sharp. I then use shade 6 on my cheekbones and on either side of my nose to make my cheekbones look nicer and to make my nose look slimmer. I blend all of this out with my Real Techniques sculpting brush.


The next step in my contour rountine is setting everything into place with Rimmel Stay Matte pressed powder in ‘transparent.’ Then I go over my cheekbones and jawline with Seventeen Define & Conquer contour kit in ‘medium’ using the same brush as I used to blend. I also love highlighter so I use MUA Undress Your Skin shimmer highlighter in ‘pink shimmer’ and apply it to the tops of my cheekbones and on my brow bone using my Real Techniques multi task brush.

Love Sarah x