Beauty Haul: April 2017

Today I thought I would share with you what I’ve been buying recently in another beauty haul. I seem to do these quite a lot but I really enjoy writing these posts and you seem to enjoy them too. I have actually tried all of these products now (I’m writing this a while after I’ve bought them) so I’ll also give you a brief review/first impressions on each of them but if I have a full review coming, it’ll say. Let me know if you’ve tried any of these products, tell me what I should buy next and I hope you enjoy.

Kokostar Foot Peeling Pack, £8 – I have wanted to buy a foot peeling pack for a long time and when I saw this in Urban Outfitters I had to buy it. Honestly, it’s probably the best thing I’ve ever purchased. After about a week all of my skin had peeled off my feet and they feel brand new. I also got one of these for my mum and she loved it too. I’d highly recommend these, they really do work. I will have a full review on this up in the middle of May.

Burt’s Bees Hydrating Lip Balm with Coconut & Pear, £3.69 – You may know that Burt’s Bees lip balms are my all time favourite lip balms and so I always have to have at least two in case I loose one of them. I had never tried this particular one (I usually stick to the original – my favourite) but I really like it. The scent is nice, not too overpowering and these lip balms are 100% too. I’ve you’ve never tried one, I’d recommend that you do.

Rimmel Stay Matte Pressed Powder in ‘Transparent,’ £3.99 – This is my favourite powder and the only one that I’ll use so I was repurchasing it as I have to do ever month or two. I intended on getting the shade ‘Peach Glow’ but they didn’t have that so I just got the ‘Transparent’ shade as that obviously works for everyone. This powder just sets my makeup into place all day and keeps my oily skin shine free for hours. I love it and I highly recommend it.


Bourjois Air Mat Foundation in ‘Rose Ivory,’ £9.99 – I went to repurchase my favourite foundation (Rimmel Wake Me Up) but they didn’t have it in my shade so I just went over to the Bourjois stand as I’ve heard great things about their products and grabbed this one with out looking at the shade or anything. Luckily it is a good colour match and I do really like it. I have a full review of this coming towards the end of June (I have a lot planned) but in the meantime, if you have oily skin, this is a great option.

St Ives Blemish Fighting Apricot Scrub, £4.19 – I went to buy my favourite exfoliator (Garnier Skin Active) and they didn’t have it (I was clearly having a really lucky night!). So, I just had to find an alternative, also containing salicylic acid and I saw this. I’ve also heard that Gigi Hadid uses this so I thought I may as well just try it. I can say that it is amazing and I saw a notable difference in my skin. I’d recommend this and I’ll have a review up in the middle of May.


Garnier Micellar Cleansing Water, £1.99/125ml, £7.99/700ml – I love this, it’s the best micellar water I’ve ever tried. I bought the small one for travelling with and I thought I may as well by the large one just for backup. It just gets my makeup off really well and I’d recommend that you try this if you haven’t already.

La Roche Posay Anthelios XL Anti-Shine SPF50, £16.50 – I needed an SPF50 moisturiser and after doing quite a lot of research, I decided to buy this one. It’s a great SPF (I didn’t get burnt once and there is no tan on my face) but not only did it protect my skin from the sun, it really did reduce the amount of oil on my face. It is the best product I’ve ever used for oily skin and that is a bold statement to make. I couldn’t recommend this enough and there will be a review up in the middle of May.

MAC Amplified Lipstick in ‘Blankety,’ £16.50 – A holiday is not complete without buying a MAC lipstick in duty free. I knew I wanted to get ‘Blankety’ as I’ve heard a lot of good things about it and I wanted an everyday, wearable nude shade that was quite shiny yet fully pigmented. It’s such a good shade and would work well for a lot of skin tones. It would also go with any makeup look, for day or night and I’m really glad I now have this shade in my collection.

Love Sarah x

Space NK Skincare Sample Reviews

A few months ago now I made an order from Space NK. When you make an order, you get to choose three free samples and I decided to go for all skincare samples as I wanted to discover some new skincare products. I’ve finally used them all and I thought it might be nice to share my thoughts on them and whether I want to repurchase them or not. I hope you enjoy this and find it helpful and make sure to let me know if you’ve tried any of these products.

REN Wake Wonderful Night-Time Facial, £32
I had never tried anything from REN before but I’ve heard really good things about the brand so I thought that this would be a good thing to try. You are meant to put it on your skin overnight and it is supposed to ‘leave skin visibly brighter, more luminous, refined and even-toned by morning.’ It gives a 3-phase treatment while you sleep and I have to say I’m a bit confused as to how that works so you can read about it yourself. The sample I used only had 2ml in it and surprisingly I managed to get two uses out of it. I used it on two consecutive nights and to be perfectly honest I didn’t see or feel any difference. It was probably because I only used quite a small amount and I only used it twice. This would probably be a great product for non-teen skin. So pretty much for anyone over the age of twenty or more normal skin just because of it’s consistency. If you’ve tried this let me know your thoughts and I’d definitely buy this product if my skin was more normal – if you have normal skin, I’d recommend it to you.

Rodial X-treme Acid Rush Peel, £85
Again, I’d never tried anything from Rodial but I’ve always wanted as even though the products are expensive, they look really good and like they actually work so I was excited to try this. This is a resurfacing facial peel which is meant to revive the look of skin. The acids in it exfoliate and retexture the skin which reduces the appearance of imperfections. It also claims to leave the skin clear and with a youthful glow. In this sample there was only 1ml so I didn’t think it would even cover half of my face; however, I was wrong, it generously covered my whole face (and I thought I had a big face!). I have to agree with the fact that it leaves your skin quite luminous, renewed and imperfection free. Even though I did only use it once I definitely think that if you used it frequently it would transform your skin. It is however very expensive and I’m sure you could find a cheaper alternative that works just as well. But if you can justify paying £85 for it then I’d recommend you do. If you’ve tried this share your thoughts and if you know of any dupes let me know.

Anne Semonin Mineral Mask, £42
I had seen Anne Semonin’s products on Beauty Bay before but I hadn’t seen anyone talking about her products and I still haven’t. But I’ve been on a mission for what feels like years to find a good face mask and I thought that it would be worth trying this one out. It has a lot of natural marine elements which is great for treating congested skin. It is supposed to purify and detoxify and it contains all sorts of natural ingredients. One of it’s main ingredients is seaweed which it smells quite strongly of (I like the smell, some people might not though) and it detoxifies and replenishes the skin. This contained 7ml of product which is a good amount and it gave me two good uses. It left my skin feeling amazing and looking a lot better (I was having a breakout at the time) and it might possibly be my favourite face mask ever. I would highly recommend this to anyone with any skin type as it is just amazing if you can pay £42. I’m sure you could find a more affordable version so please let me know if you know of any as I’m not too keen on spending that amount on a face mask! But I love this product, it is amazing.

Love Sarah x

Benefit Hoola Bronzer Review

Recently I decided to finally buy the Benefit Hoola Bronzer due to the fact that everyone uses it, loves it and highly recommends it. As always, I’ll be giving my honest opinions and telling you if I personally think it’s worth the hype it gets or not. If you’ve tried this let me know your opinions as they might be different from mine and might help other people. I hope you enjoy this post and that you find it helpful if you are considering getting this or are looking for a new bronzer or contour product.

If you haven’t heard about this bronzer, where have you been? It is probably one of the most spoken about and loved bronzers in the beauty world and due to the constant praise I see it receiving I knew I had to stop questioning if I really need it and just get it. So, just after Christmas when I had plenty of money to spare, I headed into my local John Lewis, went to the Benefit counter and bought the bronzer which currently retails for £24.50 (it was cheaper when I bought it only two months ago – has anyone else noticed a lot of makeup going up in price recently?). So, do I think it was worth the money and the hype it gets? If you want the short answer, yes I do, but if you want to know why I think this, why it’s become not only a staple in my everyday makeup routine but an all time favorite product and why I’m going to recommend it to anyone who’ll listen, you’ll want to keep reading.


I want to get the only issue out of the way now so I can be positive from here on and so I can give it the praise it really deserves. I would love it if the packaging looked more high-end, more expensive and like it actually cost as much as it did. For £24.50 you would not expect cardboard packaging. Although it is sturdy, it would be nicer if it was sleeker and had more of a luxury feel. I did obviously know what the packaging looked like prior to purchasing it and at the end of the day it is the actual product that matters to me personally. So although it’s not a massive issue, I just wanted to let you know my thoughts on it.

Anyway, onto what I actually think and what you all probably want to know! It’s a matte bronzer with an ashy tone so not only is it the perfect bronzing colour for giving a healthy sun-kissed glow, it is also perfect for contouring, particularly on paler skin tones although it seems to work perfectly for almost all skin tones – it’s such a universal shade. It is so easy to blend and it looks so gorgeous and natural on the skin. It is marketed as a bronzer and even though it works perfectly as one, I personally prefer a warmer bronzer shade so I use it as a contour shade as it’s more ashy. I use it to contour my cheekbones, nose and jawline and it just makes my face look more sculpted yet so natural. It can create a soft, natural look or it can create a more dramatic, sculpted look as it is so buildable.

Love Sarah x

Aloe Vera Gel Review – How It’s Changed My Skin

I want to talk to you about a skincare product that I started using at the very end of last year and give you a full review on it. I think some of you might find it helpful, well I hope you do anyway. You may not have heard about using aloe vera gel on the skin and neither had I until I heard Kathleen Lights talking about it but I’m going to be telling you all about it and what it’s done for me. So as I said, I hope you find this helpful and I hope you enjoy. If you have tried aloe vera gel let me know your thoughts and opinions on it and if you have any skincare tips or product recommendations, let me know!

So I think firstly I’ll mention what aloe vera gel I use. I use the Aloe Pura Aloe Vera Gel which I got from Holland & Barrett. If you can, buy an actual aloe vera plant and use the gel straight out of that as it’s the most natural and fresh form, but if like me, you can’t then using the most natural one you can is important. The specific one that I use is made using only the inner gel from plump and ripe organic aloe vera leaves. It claims to be ideal for dry, damaged skin and for using on stretch marks, scars, chapped skin, minor burns and after sun exposure. The reviews are also great and are 4.9 stars. I should also mention it costs £5.99 and it’s a 200ml bottle. As I said I’ve now been using it for about two months every single day and I have used about half of the bottle so it should last for about four months.


So, personally I started using the aloe vera in hope that it would clear up my mild acne and help fade scarring. I researched it lots and came to the conclusion that it would be worth a try. The first thing I noticed was how incredibly drying it was on my skin (I have combination skin – oily and very dehydrated) but it wasn’t a massive issue as I just apply my moisturiser a couple of minutes after anyway. The first week or so of using it I found my skin looked so much worse and my understanding of why is that it goes right to the bottom layers of your skin and brings everything up to the surface layer. When the blemish/imperfection is visible on your face it treats it and it goes away fast without scarring your face. After a week or two this calmed down and overall I’ve noticed my skin is clearer, although not 100% clear because I’m a teenager, and the scarring that I did have as slightly faded (I read somewhere it takes up to two years to fully fade them). I also have found that as it does dry my skin out slightly, it controls the oil production and therefor I have less blemishes. I feel like it has benefited my skin and I can personally highly recommend that people with acne, however mild or severe try this and also that people with acne scarring try this. I’d also say that people with any other skin conditions previously mentioned should try this out.

Love Sarah x

Becca Shimmering Skin Perfector in ‘Moonstone’ Review

Recently I bought the massively hyped Becca Shimmering Skin Perfector which you may know if you saw my recent beauty haul. I’m going to be sharing my full and honest opinions on it and telling you if it’s really worth the hype. I really hope you enjoy this and find it helpful in some way and please let me know what you think of this product if you’ve tried it. Also please let me know if you have any requests for posts you’d like to see and I’ll be sure to do them as soon as I can.

So, the Becca Shimmering Skin Perfector has been so hyped over for a long time now, especially the shade ‘Champagne Pop’ created in collaboration with Jaclyn Hill. Everyone that tried it claimed to love it and it honestly looks amazing on everyone I’ve seen it on. It is a fairly pricey product retailing at £32 – a lot more than other highlighters but I really felt as though it was good enough. I headed into my local Space NK and swatched it on the back of my hand. I fell in love straight away. They have the most beautiful buttery texture and are so finely milled. However I realised I much preferred the shade ‘Moonstone’ which is a gorgeous pale gold colour to ‘Champagne Pop’ which is more of an apricot gold colour (which is also stunning but just a little bit to warm for me). But of course every single shade of every single form of these highlighters were out of stock – what else could you expect from an insanely popular highlighter with a very good reason for being so popular? Anyway, I left the shop, did a lot more shopping but I still didn’t feel satisfied because I didn’t have the highlighter! As soon as I got home I ordered it from the Space NK website and paid ridiculous amounts for shipping.


A lot of people dislike the packaging, and even though I don’t think it’s the prettiest packaging, I don’t dislike it. I already knew I’d love it due to the reviews and hype online and the fact that I had already swatch it, but when I applied it to my face, my love for it just went to a whole new level. It’s incredible. As I previously said it’s the most finely milled highlighter so rather than looking like a glittery mess on your face like a lot of highlighters do, it makes you look like your lit from within and it looks so natural and beautiful. I think it is one of the best highlighters you can get and I’d highly recommend it if you’re willing to spend that much (if not, there are so many cheaper alternatives). If you’ve tried the shade ‘Champagne Pop’ because of the massive hype and you didn’t like it or didn’t like it as much as you thought you would, then I’d highly recommend that you try this one especially if you have paler skin. I apply this highlighter to the tops of my cheekbones, the tip of my nose, the bridge of my nose, under my brow bones, my cupids bow, pretty much everywhere. People often ask me what highlighter I’m wearing so others must like it too. It’s honestly an amazing product and I’d highly recommend it.

Love Sarah x


Beauty Haul: February 2017

I’m aware that I’ve just done a beauty haul a couple of weeks ago but I’ve been doing a lot of shopping recently. This is what I bought with some of my Christmas money and I’m sure there will be more beauty hauls soon. With all of the products that I’ve tried so far, I’ll do a mini review but full reviews of everything will be up in the near future. Let me know what products I should buy next and let me know if you’ve tried any of these products. I hope you enjoy!

Benefit Hoola Bronzer, £23.50 – I just had to try this because it’s literally everyone’s favorite bronzer. It’s the perfect bronzer for pale skin and it’s the perfect contour shade to as it has quite an ashy tone. The first time I tried it I realised why everyone loves it so much. I use it for contouring my jawline, cheekbones and nose – it really is the perfect shade. I use a different bronzer for bronzing as I like my bronzer to be less ashy and more ‘un-natural’ I guess. This really is an amazing bronzer/contour shade for paler skin and I’d highly recommend it to those who have paler skin – it really is worth the money.


Becca Shimmering Skin Perfector Pressed in ‘Moonstone,’ £32 – Over the past year or so I’ve heard so many talking about these shimmering skin perfectors, particularly ‘Champagne Pop.’ I originally intended on buying that one but when I went into my local Space NK, I swatched them and I actually much preferred ‘Moonstone’ which is a gorgeous pale gold shade. If you have slightly paler skin, I think you might like ‘Moonstone’ better too. They were all sold out but as soon as I got home I ordered it. As soon as I applied it I immediately understood why everyone loves it so much. There are great cheaper highlighters but I think they look glittery on the face, however this is so finely milled and it makes you look like you’re lit from within. I love it and I’d highly recommend it.

Rodial Super Acids X-treme Acid Rush Peel, £75 – Firstly, I did not buy this, it was a sample from Space NK. I chose all skincare samples because this year I really want to buy better and try more skincare products so please, if you have any recommendations, let me know! It only had 1ml in it and I thought that that was ridiculous, I thought it would barely cover one cheek. I was wrong, it went such a long way and covered my whole face! I put this on before bed, washed it off and when I woke up my skin just looked amazing! I’ll do a full review of this sample and the following too so look out for that! I’d love to buy this but it’s just so expensive!

REN Wake Wonderful Night-Time Facial, £32 – Again, I didn’t buy this it was just another sample. The concept of an overnight facial treatment really appealed to me for some reason so I decided to get this. I haven’t got round to trying this yet but look out for the review that I’ll do once I have. It’s a 2ml sample, so it’ll be enough to cover my face which is great. On the website it says that it “works overnight to leave skin visibly brighter, more luminous, refined and even-toned by morning.” I’m excited to try this and let me know how you got on with this if you’ve tried it.


Anne Semonin Mineral Mask, £42 – I feel like I’m just repeating myself but I didn’t buy this, it’s a sample too! I love a face mask but I’ve never found one that I love (recommendations please!) so I thought this one might be worth a try! Again, I haven’t tried this yet but I’m really excited to. It says it’s rich in natural marine elements and it says it’s for congested and devitalised skin which sounds a lot like my skin. I’ve you’ve ever tried this let me know what you thought of it, I’d love to know! I’ll do full reviews on this when I’ve tried it – I have a feeling I’ll love it a lot.

Love Sarah x

Beauty Roundup of the Month #10

I can’t believe the first month of 2017 is already over! It’s just gone so fast! Anyway, it means that it’s time for another beauty roundup and I’m really excited to share these things with you. During January I discovered some amazing new products as well as rediscovering a couple of old favorites and I’m going to share a few of them today. I’m going to be posting another haul to share the things that I bought so make sure you look out for that. I hope you enjoy this and also let me know what products you’ve been loving recently. Also, pictures of the highlighter and a full review will included in my post this time next week.

The first thing is a new discovery, something that I have been wanting to try for ages. It’s the Becca Shimmering Skin Perfector in ‘Moonstone’ and it is the best thing ever. I went into my local Space NK, swatched it on the back of my hand and fell in love – I just had to have it. It’s a pale gold colour which I think is the best colour on my skin as I’m quite pale. It’s got such a buttery consistency and it’s so finely milled that it makes you look like you lit from within. It looks natural but it gives you such a ‘wow!’ highlight which looks amazing in any light. I apply this on my cheekbones, my eyebrow bones, the bridge of my nose, the tip of my nose, my inner corners, my cupids bow, literally everywhere! It’s amazing, go into the nearest shop which sells this and swatch it. Or don’t if you don’t want to spend £32 because once swatched it you can’t not have it.

The next thing I want to mention is also a new discovery and something I’ve been considering buying for a long time because it’s literally everyone’s favorite bronzer. It’s the Benefit Hoola Bronzer and the first time I tried it I realised why everyone loved it. It’s a neutral toned, muted bronzer which is perfect for contouring and bronzing one pale to olive skin tones. It comes with a little brush which is actually good quality and works perfectly for contour. I have neutral pale beige skin and it looks so natural and pretty on my skin. I contour my cheekbones, jaw line, my nose and my forehead with it and it just looks amazing… it’s incredible. It’s pigmented so you only need a little bit but if you go overboard, it’s so easy to blend it away. Love this so much!

I have recently been loving shimmery eyeshadow, and not just slightly shimmery, I’m talking shimmery. Everyone says you always need a matte shade in the crease, you don’t! Especially if your young. I’ve just been loving putting a wash of shimmer all over the lid and I think it looks really pretty. The product I’ve been using isn’t an eyeshadow, it’s a highlighter. It’s the Seventeen Shimmer Brick in ‘Pink Bronze’ which I don’t like as a highlighter or bronzer but I use the top two colours all over the lid and it looks beautiful. Sometimes if I want a bit more definition I will put a matte bronzer in the crease. I’ve just been loving this eye look lately.

And the last thing I’ll be mentioning is just something else that I’ve been loving doing. I’ve been really liking using a brown eyeshadow as eyeliner on my top lash line. The brown eyeshadow I’ve been using is the Urban Decay Eyeshadow in ‘Factory’ from the Naked 3 palette. It just adds a bit of definition to the eyes without being too harsh. If you were going for a really pretty makeup look or a ‘no makeup makeup look,’ liquid, gel or even pencil liner can be too much so just using a brown eyeshadow just makes things look more natural and pretty. It’s just a very simple thing I’ve been doing but I do it pretty much everyday.

Love Sarah x