One Lovely Blogger Award

So today I’m going a bit of a different post. I was nominated by Rachel from Sitting In The Clouds so I just want to thank her again for that! She has an amazing blog so I would encourage you all to check it out by clicking here. I hope you enjoy this slightly different post and let me know if there are any posts you’d like to see from me.

  • Each nominee must THANK the person who nominated them and link their blog in the post
  • They must include the rules and add the blog award badge as an image
  • Must add 7 facts about them
  • Then nominate 15 people

7 Facts About Me

  1. I am the clumsiest person you will ever meet. I have broken multiple bones and I’m constantly tripping up over nothing.
  2. I have pyrophobia, a fear of fire. It’s quite a strange thing to be scared of especially when there isn’t a reason.
  3. I’m 5’6″ which I think is a good height. Not too short, not too tall, but slightly above average.
  4. I have two siblings. An older brother and an older sister.
  5. If I have a few different foods on my plates I’ll eat them all separately. I’ll eat all of one of the things, then all of the next thing etc. My parents think it’s really weird but my brother and one of my cousins eat that way too.
  6. My star sign is Taurus and the Taurus traits describe me perfectly. Practical, ambitious, independent, loyal, lazy, stubborn, materialistic, possessive…
  7. I love being with my friends and family but I need to be by myself a lot. I get my energy from being alone which I guess isn’t the best all the time but me time is just really important for me.

My Nominees

I’m not going to nominate 15 people, I’m going to nominate five. Like Rachel who nominated me, I only want to nominate people who’s blogs I genuinely like.

Ivana from Ivana Makeup World

Molly from AK Makeup Addict

Huda from Makeup Manic

Sana from Her Shimmering Pages

Sydney from Beauty For Moi

Love Sarah x

My Current Favorite Songs

I’m just doing a quick post today on request from a friend of mine. I’m going to be sharing with you my top five current favorite songs. I think these kind of posts are really interesting as I love knowing what other peoples favorite songs are and it’s a great way to discover music you wouldn’t have listened to otherwise. Sorry this is just a short post but let me know what your favorites songs are at the moment and I hope you enjoy this.

Car Radio – Twenty One Pilots

Death Of A Bachelor – Panic! At The Disco

Side To Side – Ariana Grande, Nicki Minaj

New Americana – Halsey

Perfect – Ed Sheeran

Love Sarah x

What I Eat For Breakfast

Firstly thankyou all so much for 700 followers! Your support means so much! Anyway, I love breakfast. I love it so much that I thought it would only be right to make a post dedicated to it. You probably think it’s a bit strange which I don’t blame you for so I should probably explain what this post will actually be about. Firstly I’ll be sharing my love for breakfast, and not just the meal breakfast, but breakfast foods as a whole. In terms of the meal breakfast, I’m going to be sharing with you the importance of eating breakfast in the morning because I know more people who don’t eat breakfast than people who do and it shocks me. It’s bad for your body and overall health and I don’t understand how they can physically make it out of the house. And I’m going to be sharing with you what my favorite breakfast foods are that I eat at all times of the day. Many of these foods are vegan as well and although I’m not vegan, I eat a lot of vegan foods as I prefer them to the animal product alternative and I’m aware they are healthier too. I hope you enjoy this and you find it helpful or interesting in some way.


There are so many benefits that eating breakfast has. An obvious one is that it gives you energy so that you can start your day. Some foods that are great for giving you energy that lasts are whole grains and vitamin c. Eating a good breakfast also boosts your metabolism (it slows down when you sleep) which allows you to start burning calories from the beginning of the day rather than when you eventually eat something later in the day. It can also help lower LDL cholesterol which is also known as bad cholesterol. These are just three of the many benefits eating breakfast has but if your interested in knowing some more, then you can check out the ‘top 10 benefits of eating breakfast.’

These are some of my favorite breakfast foods, what fruit I eat alongside my breakfast, what I drink at breakfast and what I’d eat if I was in a massive rush:

  • I love porridge it’s one of my favorite foods ever. The first way I like to make it is with unsweetened almond milk and I put it in the microwave for one minute. I then add a handful of plain granola, some dried berries, some flaked almonds, some chia seeds and a little bit of honey. It’s really quick, easy, it tastes amazing and vegan apart from the honey but agave nectar is an amazing alternative.
  • Another way I love to make porridge is with water. I add a handful of frozen raspberries and then put it in the microwave for one and a half minutes. In alternative to the raspberries, I sometimes have a red apple cut into small pieces. I add some cinnamon, a few teaspoonful’s of soya yoghurt, some chia seeds and a little bit of honey. Again, it’s vegan apart from the honey but you can use agave nectar which is.
  • This is my all time favorite breakfast food ever – I’d have it for every meal of the day if I could. It’s whole-wheat bread which I lightly toast and I have crunchy peanut butter on it. Peanut butter is just the best thing ever in my opinion but if you aren’t a  fan you might like cashew butter or almond butter.
  • This next one is really basic and very quick but I sometimes just have Shreddies which is just a whole grain cereal which is high in fibre, contains vitamins and iron. I have it with unsweetened almond milk or soya milk. Shreddies are not vegan but looking at the ingredients, I don’t think there’s anything that isn’t vegan. But please, if you’re vegan, don’t eat them!
  • And the last one is a Harvest Morn protein crunch cereal which is low in fat and high in protein. It’s not vegan because it may contain milk. I have it with a couple of teaspoonful’s of soya yoghurt, some chia seeds and a little bit of honey.
  • I love watermelon at breakfast as it is just such a refreshing fruit. I love eating it along with anything really.


  • I also love raspberries. As I mentioned I have frozen raspberries with porridge but I also love putting fresh raspberries on things or just eating the alone alongside something else.
  • I love red apples so much. I put them in porridge or anything really. I also love just eating them alone with something else too.
  • Every single morning I drink a cup of pure decaf green tea. There are so many benefits related to starting the day with a cup of green tea which you can google if you want to find out more.
  • I always drink two pints of water with my breakfast as I drink a lot of water in a day.
  • If I was in a huge rush I would grab a piece of fruit and have a Nakd bar. My favorite things from the Nakd line which is 100% vegan by the way are these things. The Nakd Salted Caramel Fruit & Nut Nibbles which contain dates, raisins, cashews, natural flavouring and a little bit of salt and are one of your five a day. And the Nakd Red Berries Fruit & Nut Bar which contain dates, raisins, cashews and natural flavouring and are also one of your five a day.

Love Sarah x

December & January Favorites 2016/17

I can’t believe it’s already time for my January favorites! I’m literally going to say that at the start of every single favorites post but I feel like everyone does, it’s not a monthly favorites if you don’t! Anyway, I feel like I should firstly just say that this is a non-beauty favorites, so if your interested in seeing my beauty favorites I posted it on Thursday. I have quite a few things to share this month so I really hope you enjoy this and please let me know what some of your favorites from January have been.

Youtubers: I have watched and loved Niomi Smart for years but I have been particularly loving her videos recently. I really enjoyed her vlogs throughout December and I’ve been loving her usually videos too. I’d recommend you go and check out her channel! Another channel that I’ve loved for years, but particularly over the past couple of months is Emily Canham Vlogs. She is just very real and relatable and I enjoy her vlogs so much. I’d highly recommend that you check out her vlog channel linked above and also her main channel too.

Books: I recently started reading The List by Siobhan Vivian. I got it for Christmas so I haven’t finished it yet (I’m not a very fast reader), in fact, I’ve not even read half of it yet but I really like it so far. I’d highly recommend that you read it if you like fictional young adult books. I’m really looking forward to reading the rest of the book.

Movies: I actually have a couple of favorite movies from the past couple of months which is surprising because I usually don’t have the patience to sit down and watch anything longer than 20 minutes. Anyway, the first movie is Casino Royale which is one of the James Bond movies. I think I watched it on Christmas Eve and I really didn’t think I’d like it but I actually really enjoyed it. The next movie is one of my favorite movies ever which I have watched before. It’s The Impossible which is about the 2004 Boxing Day tsunami which I think I watched on Boxing Day. It is quite sad and the first time I watched it I cried the whole way through it but I’d highly recommend that you watch it.



Food: There are quite a few food items which I’ve loved throughout the past couple of months that I want to share with you. The first thing is soya yoghurt which is a vegan alternative to normal yoghurt. I’m not vegan but I do eat vegan products when I can and it’s a lot better for your skin not to eat dairy. The next thing is almond milk, again another vegan product. I don’t really like normal milk anyway so I much prefer this and it will continue to be something I use on a daily basis as oppose to normal milk. The last food on my list was unripe mango. I’ve never liked ripe mango and I accidently discovered that I do like mango when it’s not ripe yet. But then last night I discovered that I actually just hate mangos. So it’s not a favorite but it was only my list so I thought I’d mention it anyway.

Apps: This is going to shock a lot of you but I only got Snapchat at the end of December after my friends made me get it. I could never be bothered with it and now I am literally addicted to it – I don’t know what I’d do without it!

Clothes: For Christmas my sister got me a Boohoo Black Cape which I have worn so much. I’m not entirely sure exactly what one it is but I’ll insert a picture of me wearing it. Also for my Christmas I got a Debenhams Dressing Gown and it’s my favorite thing ever – it’s so comfy.

Restaurants: I went to Chaophraya which is a Thai restaurant quite recently and it was amazing. The food was amazing, the atmosphere was amazing and the views of the city were amazing. I also went to Yo Sushi for the first time at the end of December and me and my friend loved it so much we went back a couple of weeks later. I’d highly recommend that you all go to both of these restaurants.

Love Sarah x

My Blog Post Schedule

This is just a really quick post to let all of you know about my new post schedule. Up until now, I’ve always just posted about three posts a week randomly. The first change I’m making is that I’m going to be posting on specific days so that you all know what time I’m posting at so you can read my posts straight away. The second change I’m making is that I’m going to be uploading slightly less, only twice a week. This is because recently I’ve been really busy with school and I only have the time to write and post two posts a week. During my school holidays I might have more time and so I may be able to post an extra post a week but for the most part, it’ll be twice a week. These are the days and time I’m going with for now:

  • Thursday at 18:00 (6PM) GMT/BST
  • Sunday at 18:00 (6PM) GMT/BST

Love Sarah x

My Workout Routine

Today I thought I would share my workout routine with all of you. I never worked out or did any exercise before this (apart from walking really fast all the time) and I thought that I probably should start doing something. On the 30th of October I watched this Buzz Feed ab workout video which looked really easy so I thought I’d give it a try. Every single night since then I have done this quick and easy but effective ab workout (which I have adjusted to suit me and increased repetitions here and there), not missing even one day so now I’ve been doing it for 11 and a half weeks (80 days). I have noticed a difference in my mood and energy which is probably due to the exercise even though it is just a quick five minute ab workout. My abs are also a bit more sculpted and defined now and I plan to continue to do this just continuing to increase the repetitions of certain exercises. I’m now just going to talk about exactly what I do so you can compare that to the video if you want to. I really hope you enjoy this/find it helpful in some way and let me know what workouts you do as I’d be really interested to know and let me know if you give this a go so that I know what you thought of it. To see how to do all of these exercises you should watch the video which I have linked above but I’ll link it HERE too in case you missed the first link. I should also mention these are all ab exercises that you can do while lying down which is great for people who are quite lazy for me. I know this was a quick post but I just wanted to share this with you all.

  1. 30 crunches
  2. 30 heel touches
  3. 30 scissors
  4. 15 hip raises
  5. 30 criss-cross
  6. 40 bicycles
  7. 39 reverse bicycles
  8. 30 second hollow hold
  9. 40 second elbow plank

Love Sarah x

My Winter Morning Routine 2017

Today I’m going to be sharing my current Winter morning routine. I had never really thought about doing a morning or evening routine before so I really hope you enjoy this. Also please let me know what moisturiser you use and what skin type you have as I’m looking for a new moisturiser. Also let me know what kind of content you’d like to see from me in 2017 and I’ll do my best to do everything.

As I’ve not been having to get up for school I’ve been going to bed a lot later than usual and so I’ve been getting up at about 10am as oppose to 6:40am. When I wake up I’ll usually just lie in bed for half an hour or so on my phone just checking Snapchat, Facebook etc. and then I go and get some breakfast. I’ll usually have some whole wheat cereal with some light Greek yoghurt and a bit of honey. I’ll also have some fruit, which is normally an apple and sometimes some berries. To drink I’ll have two pints of water and a cup of decaf green tea with jasmine.

After I’ve had breakfast I’ll go in the shower and get washed but on this particular day I’ll be washing my hair (I wash my hair once or twice a week). I’m going to be using my favorite shampoo which is the Bleach London Silver Shampoo and I’ll wash my hair with that twice. I really love this shampoo as it is quite strong and it really tones my hair and helps me maintain my natural ashy tone. I then use the conditioner to go with that which is obviously the Bleach London Silver Conditioner which I apply to the mid-lengths and ends of my hair. I keep that in my hair for a couple of minutes while I shave etc. and then before I wash it out of my hair I brush it through with the Tresemme Ceramic Styling Brush which is waterproof just to make sure my hair doesn’t have any knots in it.

Then when I get out of the shower I put on my dressing gown and then I like to brush my teeth before doing my morning skincare routine. The first thing I do is wet my face before I use the Garnier Pure Active Anti-Blackhead Pore Wash which I really do find unblocks my pores and therefor prevents blackheads. Also the fact that it contains salicylic acid makes it perfect for acne prone/oily skin as it removes oil without stripping the skin and prevents breakouts. I then like to apply some Boots Tea Tree & Witch Hazel Toner which is also great for preventing breakouts. Lastly I like to apply some moisturiser and the one I use is E45 Cream which is prefect for dry skin but as I mentioned I’m looking for a new moisturiser so please leave your recommendations. To finish things off I like to apply a bit of lip balm and at the minute I’ve been obsessed with the Maybelline Baby Lips in ‘Mint Candy.’

Now is the time when I like to do my makeup which is my favorite part of my morning routine. I recently did a post on my every day makeup routine so you can click here for that. However there are couple of things that I’m doing differently today. I’ve finally gotten round to repurchasing my favorite powder which is Rimmel Stay Matte Pressed Powder in ‘Peach Glow’ and my makeup is instantly looking better again – I really don’t recommend the Collection powder I was using as my face powder in that post! I did my eyeshadow exactly as I did in that post but I decided to use the shade ‘Wonder’ from the Stila In The Moment Palette as my lid colour. I also did my lips differently. I used the MUA Lip Liner in ‘Caramel Nougat’ as the lip liner I used in the other post is blunt and I can’t find my sharpener anywhere (they are almost identical anyway). I also used my newest lipstick which is MAC Satin Lipstick in ‘Viva Glam II’ which is a medium mauve/nude with a little bit of pink in it – it’s a gorgeous colour.

The final part of my winter morning routine is choosing my outfit which is usually a difficult process and I often get changed quite a few times until I am satisfied with my outfit. Today I’m wearing my Forever 21 Black Crop Jumper which I feel like I wear all the time. I’m also wearing my H&M Black Jeggings and the shoes I’m wearing are my Topshop Leather Chelsea Boots which are my favorite boots ever – I just wear them all the time. I’m wearing my Boohoo Black Cape which my sister got me for Christmas and I also wore my Maya Copenhagen Faux Fur Stole which my sister also got me. The handbag I’m using is my Jasper Conran Leather Black Grab Bag which is the handbag that I use on a daily basis.

Love Sarah x