Tenerife 2017

At the start of April I went to Tenerife for a week and I thought it would be nice to share with you a bit about my trip. Let me know if you’ve been to Tenerife and what you thought, let me know where you’re travelling to this year and I hop you enjoy this post.

I had been to Tenerife before in October of 2015 and to be quite honest, I really didn’t like it at all. For this reason I wasn’t really looking forward to going but I actually really enjoyed it this time – it was a completely different experience. I went to Los Cristianos which is a large town in the South West of the island. In the town there are a lot of hotels but there are also a lot of flats where locals live which I prefer as oppose to a tourist resort. The beaches were nice too but it was far too cold to swim in the sea in April (it didn’t stop a lot of people though!). The temperatures were between 20 and 25 degrees Celsius during the day which was nice. It also felt really safe and secure in the area which was really good. I will definitely go back there as it was such a nice holiday.

Love Sarah x


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