Benefit Hoola Bronzer Review

Recently I decided to finally buy the Benefit Hoola Bronzer due to the fact that everyone uses it, loves it and highly recommends it. As always, I’ll be giving my honest opinions and telling you if I personally think it’s worth the hype it gets or not. If you’ve tried this let me know your opinions as they might be different from mine and might help other people. I hope you enjoy this post and that you find it helpful if you are considering getting this or are looking for a new bronzer or contour product.

If you haven’t heard about this bronzer, where have you been? It is probably one of the most spoken about and loved bronzers in the beauty world and due to the constant praise I see it receiving I knew I had to stop questioning if I really need it and just get it. So, just after Christmas when I had plenty of money to spare, I headed into my local John Lewis, went to the Benefit counter and bought the bronzer which currently retails for £24.50 (it was cheaper when I bought it only two months ago – has anyone else noticed a lot of makeup going up in price recently?). So, do I think it was worth the money and the hype it gets? If you want the short answer, yes I do, but if you want to know why I think this, why it’s become not only a staple in my everyday makeup routine but an all time favorite product and why I’m going to recommend it to anyone who’ll listen, you’ll want to keep reading.


I want to get the only issue out of the way now so I can be positive from here on and so I can give it the praise it really deserves. I would love it if the packaging looked more high-end, more expensive and like it actually cost as much as it did. For £24.50 you would not expect cardboard packaging. Although it is sturdy, it would be nicer if it was sleeker and had more of a luxury feel. I did obviously know what the packaging looked like prior to purchasing it and at the end of the day it is the actual product that matters to me personally. So although it’s not a massive issue, I just wanted to let you know my thoughts on it.

Anyway, onto what I actually think and what you all probably want to know! It’s a matte bronzer with an ashy tone so not only is it the perfect bronzing colour for giving a healthy sun-kissed glow, it is also perfect for contouring, particularly on paler skin tones although it seems to work perfectly for almost all skin tones – it’s such a universal shade. It is so easy to blend and it looks so gorgeous and natural on the skin. It is marketed as a bronzer and even though it works perfectly as one, I personally prefer a warmer bronzer shade so I use it as a contour shade as it’s more ashy. I use it to contour my cheekbones, nose and jawline and it just makes my face look more sculpted yet so natural. It can create a soft, natural look or it can create a more dramatic, sculpted look as it is so buildable.

Love Sarah x


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