Beauty Roundup of the Month #11

It’s time for another beauty roundup of the month and I can’t believe that another month has passed. February has been a bit of a blur for me as I’ve been so busy but it’s been a really good month. I have a few things to share with you this month and you’ll see a common theme of pink shades as it’s now Spring and I am so happy because I just feel like me when I can wear pink  – I can’t even express how exciting this is for me! Let me know what beauty related items you’ve been loving and I really hope you enjoy this!

You may know that I don’t ever wear blusher as I don’t really think it suits me. However, in the months of February, March and April, I always seem to go through a phase of wearing it a lot. It’s the end of Winter and beginning of Spring and I just think having a little bit of colour and glow is really nice. The blusher I’ve been using is the Collection Blush in ‘Bashful’ which is a really nice mauve pink shade which just gives the most natural blushed looks on the cheeks and isn’t too pink and looks really subtle and pretty. If you have any recommendations for other blushers, please let me know!

I feel complete again. It’s Spring and it means I can get my pink eyeshadows out again. I got a little bit excited and started wearing them in the middle of February but I just couldn’t resist. When it comes to pink eyeshadow, you all know that my go to is the Urban Decay Naked 3 and the particular shades I’ve been loving are ‘Limit’ and ‘Burnout.’ You’ve probably heard me talking about the shade ‘Limit’ quite a few times. It’s a beautiful matte pale pink/mauve which is just so pigmented and bendable. You won’t have heard me talking about the shade ‘Burnout’ before though because I’ve never used it. The reason I never used it was because it isn’t as pigmented as the other shades in the palette. But this is actually the reason why I’m mentioning it today. It’s a pale pink shimmery shade and it just gives you a light wash of colour and it’s perfect for everyday use. These two eyeshadows together have been all I’ve been using recently and I just love them.


The next product kind of links to the last. You will know I am a big lover of eyeshadow primer potions and I always recommend them to all of you because I think that they really help how your eyeshadows apply, how they blend and how long they stay on for. The one that I’ve been loving recently is the Urban Decay Eden Eyeshadow Primer Potion. I have tried the anti-aging and the original eyeshadow primer potion, both by Urban Decay and after having tried this one I can tell you that this one is my favorite. It does exactly the same as the other two – makes your eyeshadow apply, blend and wear well but I much prefer this one for some reason. It’s a nude colour and it is matte which just preps the eyelids so well for eyeshadow. I use this every time I wear makeup, even if I’m not wearing eyeshadow as I just think it evens out the eyelids well. I really like it and it’s by far the best eyeshadow primer potion that I’ve ever tried.

And recently I’ve been really liking my lips to look big and glossy. I have been using a wide variety of lipsticks, mainly nudes and pinks but it’s the lipgloss I want to talk about today. So, the lipgloss I’ve been loving is the N07 BB Lips in ‘Ballerina.’ It is honestly the best lipgloss I have ever tried and it’s only £9! The packaging is lovely and what drew me to the product and made me notice it. It is non-sticky, moisturising and just so comfortable to wear – they’re just the perfect consistency. They are glossy, but not too glossy if that makes any sense! The colour is perfect too, it’s a pale pink nude but is perfect for wearing over any colour of lipstick and suits any nude or pink lipstick. Need a new lipgloss – this is what you need!

Love Sarah x


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