Becca Shimmering Skin Perfector in ‘Moonstone’ Review

Recently I bought the massively hyped Becca Shimmering Skin Perfector which you may know if you saw my recent beauty haul. I’m going to be sharing my full and honest opinions on it and telling you if it’s really worth the hype. I really hope you enjoy this and find it helpful in some way and please let me know what you think of this product if you’ve tried it. Also please let me know if you have any requests for posts you’d like to see and I’ll be sure to do them as soon as I can.

So, the Becca Shimmering Skin Perfector has been so hyped over for a long time now, especially the shade ‘Champagne Pop’ created in collaboration with Jaclyn Hill. Everyone that tried it claimed to love it and it honestly looks amazing on everyone I’ve seen it on. It is a fairly pricey product retailing at £32 – a lot more than other highlighters but I really felt as though it was good enough. I headed into my local Space NK and swatched it on the back of my hand. I fell in love straight away. They have the most beautiful buttery texture and are so finely milled. However I realised I much preferred the shade ‘Moonstone’ which is a gorgeous pale gold colour to ‘Champagne Pop’ which is more of an apricot gold colour (which is also stunning but just a little bit to warm for me). But of course every single shade of every single form of these highlighters were out of stock – what else could you expect from an insanely popular highlighter with a very good reason for being so popular? Anyway, I left the shop, did a lot more shopping but I still didn’t feel satisfied because I didn’t have the highlighter! As soon as I got home I ordered it from the Space NK website and paid ridiculous amounts for shipping.


A lot of people dislike the packaging, and even though I don’t think it’s the prettiest packaging, I don’t dislike it. I already knew I’d love it due to the reviews and hype online and the fact that I had already swatch it, but when I applied it to my face, my love for it just went to a whole new level. It’s incredible. As I previously said it’s the most finely milled highlighter so rather than looking like a glittery mess on your face like a lot of highlighters do, it makes you look like your lit from within and it looks so natural and beautiful. I think it is one of the best highlighters you can get and I’d highly recommend it if you’re willing to spend that much (if not, there are so many cheaper alternatives). If you’ve tried the shade ‘Champagne Pop’ because of the massive hype and you didn’t like it or didn’t like it as much as you thought you would, then I’d highly recommend that you try this one especially if you have paler skin. I apply this highlighter to the tops of my cheekbones, the tip of my nose, the bridge of my nose, under my brow bones, my cupids bow, pretty much everywhere. People often ask me what highlighter I’m wearing so others must like it too. It’s honestly an amazing product and I’d highly recommend it.

Love Sarah x



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