What I Eat For Breakfast

Firstly thankyou all so much for 700 followers! Your support means so much! Anyway, I love breakfast. I love it so much that I thought it would only be right to make a post dedicated to it. You probably think it’s a bit strange which I don’t blame you for so I should probably explain what this post will actually be about. Firstly I’ll be sharing my love for breakfast, and not just the meal breakfast, but breakfast foods as a whole. In terms of the meal breakfast, I’m going to be sharing with you the importance of eating breakfast in the morning because I know more people who don’t eat breakfast than people who do and it shocks me. It’s bad for your body and overall health and I don’t understand how they can physically make it out of the house. And I’m going to be sharing with you what my favorite breakfast foods are that I eat at all times of the day. Many of these foods are vegan as well and although I’m not vegan, I eat a lot of vegan foods as I prefer them to the animal product alternative and I’m aware they are healthier too. I hope you enjoy this and you find it helpful or interesting in some way.


There are so many benefits that eating breakfast has. An obvious one is that it gives you energy so that you can start your day. Some foods that are great for giving you energy that lasts are whole grains and vitamin c. Eating a good breakfast also boosts your metabolism (it slows down when you sleep) which allows you to start burning calories from the beginning of the day rather than when you eventually eat something later in the day. It can also help lower LDL cholesterol which is also known as bad cholesterol. These are just three of the many benefits eating breakfast has but if your interested in knowing some more, then you can check out the ‘top 10 benefits of eating breakfast.’

These are some of my favorite breakfast foods, what fruit I eat alongside my breakfast, what I drink at breakfast and what I’d eat if I was in a massive rush:

  • I love porridge it’s one of my favorite foods ever. The first way I like to make it is with unsweetened almond milk and I put it in the microwave for one minute. I then add a handful of plain granola, some dried berries, some flaked almonds, some chia seeds and a little bit of honey. It’s really quick, easy, it tastes amazing and vegan apart from the honey but agave nectar is an amazing alternative.
  • Another way I love to make porridge is with water. I add a handful of frozen raspberries and then put it in the microwave for one and a half minutes. In alternative to the raspberries, I sometimes have a red apple cut into small pieces. I add some cinnamon, a few teaspoonful’s of soya yoghurt, some chia seeds and a little bit of honey. Again, it’s vegan apart from the honey but you can use agave nectar which is.
  • This is my all time favorite breakfast food ever – I’d have it for every meal of the day if I could. It’s whole-wheat bread which I lightly toast and I have crunchy peanut butter on it. Peanut butter is just the best thing ever in my opinion but if you aren’t a  fan you might like cashew butter or almond butter.
  • This next one is really basic and very quick but I sometimes just have Shreddies which is just a whole grain cereal which is high in fibre, contains vitamins and iron. I have it with unsweetened almond milk or soya milk. Shreddies are not vegan but looking at the ingredients, I don’t think there’s anything that isn’t vegan. But please, if you’re vegan, don’t eat them!
  • And the last one is a Harvest Morn protein crunch cereal which is low in fat and high in protein. It’s not vegan because it may contain milk. I have it with a couple of teaspoonful’s of soya yoghurt, some chia seeds and a little bit of honey.
  • I love watermelon at breakfast as it is just such a refreshing fruit. I love eating it along with anything really.


  • I also love raspberries. As I mentioned I have frozen raspberries with porridge but I also love putting fresh raspberries on things or just eating the alone alongside something else.
  • I love red apples so much. I put them in porridge or anything really. I also love just eating them alone with something else too.
  • Every single morning I drink a cup of pure decaf green tea. There are so many benefits related to starting the day with a cup of green tea which you can google if you want to find out more.
  • I always drink two pints of water with my breakfast as I drink a lot of water in a day.
  • If I was in a huge rush I would grab a piece of fruit and have a Nakd bar. My favorite things from the Nakd line which is 100% vegan by the way are these things. The Nakd Salted Caramel Fruit & Nut Nibbles which contain dates, raisins, cashews, natural flavouring and a little bit of salt and are one of your five a day. And the Nakd Red Berries Fruit & Nut Bar which contain dates, raisins, cashews and natural flavouring and are also one of your five a day.

Love Sarah x


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