December & January Favorites 2016/17

I can’t believe it’s already time for my January favorites! I’m literally going to say that at the start of every single favorites post but I feel like everyone does, it’s not a monthly favorites if you don’t! Anyway, I feel like I should firstly just say that this is a non-beauty favorites, so if your interested in seeing my beauty favorites I posted it on Thursday. I have quite a few things to share this month so I really hope you enjoy this and please let me know what some of your favorites from January have been.

Youtubers: I have watched and loved Niomi Smart for years but I have been particularly loving her videos recently. I really enjoyed her vlogs throughout December and I’ve been loving her usually videos too. I’d recommend you go and check out her channel! Another channel that I’ve loved for years, but particularly over the past couple of months is Emily Canham Vlogs. She is just very real and relatable and I enjoy her vlogs so much. I’d highly recommend that you check out her vlog channel linked above and also her main channel too.

Books: I recently started reading The List by Siobhan Vivian. I got it for Christmas so I haven’t finished it yet (I’m not a very fast reader), in fact, I’ve not even read half of it yet but I really like it so far. I’d highly recommend that you read it if you like fictional young adult books. I’m really looking forward to reading the rest of the book.

Movies: I actually have a couple of favorite movies from the past couple of months which is surprising because I usually don’t have the patience to sit down and watch anything longer than 20 minutes. Anyway, the first movie is Casino Royale which is one of the James Bond movies. I think I watched it on Christmas Eve and I really didn’t think I’d like it but I actually really enjoyed it. The next movie is one of my favorite movies ever which I have watched before. It’s The Impossible which is about the 2004 Boxing Day tsunami which I think I watched on Boxing Day. It is quite sad and the first time I watched it I cried the whole way through it but I’d highly recommend that you watch it.



Food: There are quite a few food items which I’ve loved throughout the past couple of months that I want to share with you. The first thing is soya yoghurt which is a vegan alternative to normal yoghurt. I’m not vegan but I do eat vegan products when I can and it’s a lot better for your skin not to eat dairy. The next thing is almond milk, again another vegan product. I don’t really like normal milk anyway so I much prefer this and it will continue to be something I use on a daily basis as oppose to normal milk. The last food on my list was unripe mango. I’ve never liked ripe mango and I accidently discovered that I do like mango when it’s not ripe yet. But then last night I discovered that I actually just hate mangos. So it’s not a favorite but it was only my list so I thought I’d mention it anyway.

Apps: This is going to shock a lot of you but I only got Snapchat at the end of December after my friends made me get it. I could never be bothered with it and now I am literally addicted to it – I don’t know what I’d do without it!

Clothes: For Christmas my sister got me a Boohoo Black Cape which I have worn so much. I’m not entirely sure exactly what one it is but I’ll insert a picture of me wearing it. Also for my Christmas I got a Debenhams Dressing Gown and it’s my favorite thing ever – it’s so comfy.

Restaurants: I went to Chaophraya which is a Thai restaurant quite recently and it was amazing. The food was amazing, the atmosphere was amazing and the views of the city were amazing. I also went to Yo Sushi for the first time at the end of December and me and my friend loved it so much we went back a couple of weeks later. I’d highly recommend that you all go to both of these restaurants.

Love Sarah x


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