1 Year of Blogging

On this day, 1 year ago, I started this blog. Before this blog I had various others which were all on the Blogger platform by Google. It is the most commonly used and easiest to use but I personally much prefer WordPress. The reason it took me so long to start a WordPress blog is the fact that alot of people say its for ‘proffesionals’ and it’s difficult to use. I am by no means a proffesional, infact, I’m the complete opposite and I can work it quite well. I’m so glad I discovered WordPress as it works so well for me personally and if I had stuck with Blogger I probably wouldn’t still be blogging.

What I’ve achieved over the past year is beyond what I had ever imagined. I know everyone says this but I never even thought I’d even get 1 follower. I currently have over 500 which is totally insane to me and I honestly cannot thank all of you enough. The response you all give is what motivates me and it makes writing these blog posts even more worth it. I cannot wait to see what the next year brings in terms of this blog – I’m very excited! I hope you’ll still be liking my content this time next year and I want to wish you all a happy new year.

Love Sarah x


22 thoughts on “1 Year of Blogging

  1. I don’t think WP is difficult to manage, either (and I’m not at all a ‘pro’, but much the opposite like you say you’re) . What strikes me most is that you got 500 followers in just a year… Wow. My poor sis began her blog in November 2015 and got some 20, and most never commented on her posts… I’ve got very few more than her. So, if you have some magical formula, please, tell it to us… (-;
    Good luck !

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  2. Thank you very much ! My sister’s blog is now continued by me, since she died this summer; she began it because she was alone at home, being sick and feeling lonely, and she needed some people to chat with, share her interests and entertain herself… But she became depressed for her scarce success.

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  3. We had a blog on blogspot . Our views were pretty good and our posts got on google front page over time . As far followers goes , those were non existent. The template was kind of hard to get used to. I really like WordPress, especially the app because it’s so much more user friendly !

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