I cannot believe how fast 2016 has gone. I have done so many amazing things and it has been the best year. I could go on for ever talking about everything so I thought I’d just share photos with you all. I’m not going to be showing photos with anyone else for privacy reasons. I just wanted to take this oppertunity to thank you all for reading my content, following etc. I hope you all have the best year in 2017.

The first bit of sun we saw here in the UK at the end of March

Me and my cat Rolo on Easter Sunday

At the beach after sunset at the end of March

La Claire in Honfleur, France on my birthday in May

Me at Mont Saint Michel in France in May

View from the second level of the Eiffel Tower in Paris, France at the end of May

The Eiffel Tower in Paris, France at the end of May

Me at the start of June

Cala d’Or in Majorca at the start of July

Me at the end of October

Late Autumn in Edinburgh at the begining of November

Love Sarah x

1 Year of Blogging

On this day, 1 year ago, I started this blog. Before this blog I had various others which were all on the Blogger platform by Google. It is the most commonly used and easiest to use but I personally much prefer WordPress. The reason it took me so long to start a WordPress blog is the fact that alot of people say its for ‘proffesionals’ and it’s difficult to use. I am by no means a proffesional, infact, I’m the complete opposite and I can work it quite well. I’m so glad I discovered WordPress as it works so well for me personally and if I had stuck with Blogger I probably wouldn’t still be blogging.

What I’ve achieved over the past year is beyond what I had ever imagined. I know everyone says this but I never even thought I’d even get 1 follower. I currently have over 500 which is totally insane to me and I honestly cannot thank all of you enough. The response you all give is what motivates me and it makes writing these blog posts even more worth it. I cannot wait to see what the next year brings in terms of this blog – I’m very excited! I hope you’ll still be liking my content this time next year and I want to wish you all a happy new year.

Love Sarah x

What I Got My Friends & Family For Christmas

I’m going to be sharing with you what I got my family for Christmas this year. I haven’t seen many things like this but I thought some of you might be interested. I really hope you enjoy this and I really hope you all had an amazing Christmas.

The first thing I got for my Mum was the Urban Decay Naked Palette. The colours in it are so beautiful and I think I’ll have to buy it for myself. She had finished her favorite lipstick, MAC Satin Lipstick in ‘Brave’ which I got her last Christmas so I bought her another. Last Christmas I also got her the Seventeen Define & Conquer Contour Kit in ‘Medium’ and she was finished that too so I got her another one. I then got her the Seventeen Skin Wow Concealer in ‘Medium’ as I thought she would like that. We both really like Lush products so I bought her Lush Stardust Bath Bomb which I need to try. The last thing I got her was a Maltesers Merryteaser Milk Chocolate Reindeer.

My Dad always needs new slippers so I decided to buy him some Dunlop Mens Brown Slippers as I think he actually might like them. I also got him a Terrys Milk Chocolate Orange. 

I got my sister and brother in law a Yankee Candle Large Jar – Christmas Baking (which smells amazing!) as they both love candles. I also got each of them a Maltesers Merryteaser Milk Chocolate Reindeer.

Attempted to do this… didn’t go to plan!

I got my brother some bath products from Lush. I got him the Lush Big Blue Bath Bomb which looks amazing and the Lush Butterbear Bath Bomb which I love and would recommend. I then got him a Terrys Milk Chocolate Orange.

I had my friend Sophie for secret santa and I got her the Real Techniques Brush Cleaning Palette as I knew she wanted that. I also got her Lush Candy Mountain Bubble Bar which is my favorite Lush product ever. I then got her a Terrys Chocolate Orange.

My friend Emily wanted a scarf as she loves scarfs and I got her a New Look Dark Dark Red Stripe Scarf. I also got her a Carmex Original Lip Balm as thats one of her favorite lip balms (I also love it). I then got her a packet of Maltesers Merryteaser Mini Reindeers. 

I have completly forgotten what I got my friend Christy as we exchanged gifts at the end of November. I know I did get her a few little things like a notebook, nail files, that kind of thing and I got her £20 which I’m assuming was spent on makeup.

Love Sarah x

Christmas Day GRWM

Yesterday it was Christmas Day – I had the best Christmas and I really hope all of you did too. I thought today I would do a Christmas Day GRWM including hair, makeup, outfit. I hope you enjoy this and let me know what your favorite part of Christmas Day was. 

After a quick shower I used some Soap & Glory Righteous Body Butter to maintain my Dove Derma Spa Summer Revived Light/Medium Tan. I then moved on to my morning skincare routine which is very basic. I like to wash and exfoliate my skin with my Garnier Pure Active Anti-Blackhea Deep Pore Wash to make sure my makeup applies well. I then moisturise my skin using my E45 Cream but I’m looking for a new moisturiser so leave your recommendations please. 

Now moving on to hair. From the night before I had put in my Boots Bendy Rollers. For my hair, I only used 4 which left me with the perfect curls. If you curl your hair alot like me, then these are perfect as they don’t damage your hair. After brushing them through I made sure that I sprayed my hair with some L’Oreal Elvive Satin Normal Strength Hairspray to ensure that they lasted all day as my hair is quite sleek and curls tend to drop out quickly. 

I then did my makeup. I feel like I’m constantly going over my foundation routine so if you’re interested, click HERE to see it. After all of that, I did my eyebrows using the L’Oreal Brow Artist Genius Kit in ‘Light/Medium’ using the wax to define the arch and powder to fill them in (to see my full eyebrow routine, click HERE). I then contoured using the Seventeen Define & Conquer Contour Kit in ‘Medium’ and bronzed my face with the L’Oreal Glam Bronze Bronzing Powder in ‘Caribbean Sun.’ I then added some highlighter using the MUA Undress Your Skin Shimmer Highlighter in ‘Pink Shimmer’ (please let me know of any good highlighters – I’m stuck on what one to get!). 

I primed my eyes with the Urban Decay Original Eyeshadow Primer Potion and the shade ‘Nooner’ from the Urban Decay Naked 3 Palette. I used my contour shade in the crease and then applied the shade ‘Liar’ from the same palette on the eyelid. I used the shade ‘Factory’ under the eye and smudged the shade ‘Blackheart’ along the upper lash line. I added some of the Maybelline Lash Sensational Mascara in ‘Black’ to my eyelashes – it’s my favorite mascara.
I prepped my lips for lipstick with the Burt’s Bees Original Lip Balm and then lined them with the Model Co Illusion Lip Liner. For lipstick, I decided to go with a mauve/nude shade with a hint of pink so I used MAC Satin Lipstick in ‘Viva Glam II.’ 

I wore my Moss Copenhagen Silver Sparkle Skirt which is perfect for the festive season. With that I wore my H&M Black Crop Top which is really plain and simple so it was perfect to pair with the skirt. I had on a pair of black tights as it’s freezing which were either from Primark or Calvin Klein. I just wore my Topshop Keeper Leather Chelsea Boots which are just really easy to wear with anything. The perfume I used was Chanel No5. 

Love Sarah x

Christmas Eve Pamper Routine!

Today it is Christmas Eve and I am so excited – only one more sleep until Christmas! I thought I would share with you my pamper routine that I genrally do on the evening of Christmas Eve. I hope you enjoy this and I really hope all of you have an amazing Christmas!

The very first thing that I’ll do is remove my makeup and and do my evening skincare routine. I remove my makeup with the E45 Emollient Wash which does a great job of removing makeup gently. When I’ve done that I’ll exfoliate my skin, firstly using the Garnier Pure Active Anti-Blackhead Deep Pore Wash which is great for oily and imperfection prone skin as it contains salicylic acid and secondly using my Foreo Luna Mini which is amazing. To ensure my makeup is fully removed I use the Garnier Micellar Cleansing Water and then I use Aloe Pura Organic Aloe Vera Gel with Tea Tree which I’m currently trying out. I finish my skincare routine off with a moisturiser but it would be so helpful if you could recommend any to me. I have combination skin (oily and dehydrated) but just let me know what you use. 

After that I run a hot bath and use something Lush. My favorite Lush Christmas product is Lush Candy Mountain Bubble Bar – it smells amazing. When I’m in the bath I’ll shave my legs and the body wash I’m currently using is the Soap & Glory Clean On Me Creamy Moisture Shower Gel. I then exfoliate my body in preperation for a bit of fake tan using Soap & Glory The Scrub Of Your Life. I then wash my hair so I don’t have to wash it on Christmas morning as our house is always so busy. I use the Bleach London Silver Shampoo and then L’Oreal Elvive Extraordinary Clay Re-Balancing Shampoo – I really like them both. I then use the Bleach London Conditioner. 

When I get out of them bath I’ll moisturise my whole body using my Soap & Glory The Righteous Butter which is quite thick and hydrating. When that has sunk in I will apply my Dove Derma Spa Summer Revived Light/Medium Tan which gives a nice light tanned look which you don’t have to wash off which is ideal. I then spray some Aussie Miracle Hair Insurance Leave-In Conditioner into my hair which detangles it and allows me to brush it with my Tresemme Ceramic Styling Brush. When my hair has fully air dried I’ll apply the L’Oreal Excellence Creme Protective Serum which is great for dry hair.

Love Sarah x

What I Ate Wednesday – 21/12/16

Today I’m doing a What I Ate Wednesday. It’s only four days until Christmas now and I am so excited! I hope you enjoy this!

​Breakfast, 7:30
For breakfast I had a slice of wholewheat toast with peanut butter. I then had an apple and I drank 2 pints of water and a cup of decaf organic green tea.

Morning break, 10:50 
At my morning break I had some watermelon and a Belvita red berries soft bake bar. I drank a bottle of water.

Lunch, 13:05
For lunch I had a prrotein roll (from lidl) with lettuce and cucumber. I also had some cashew nuts and another apple. I then drank a bottle of water. 

Dinner, 17:00
Then for dinner I had some wholewheat pasta with Philidelphia light medium fat cream cheese, tuna and sweetcorn. I drank a pint of water.

Snack, 20:30
Then for my evening snack I had a carrot, an orange, some pineapple and some red grapes. I also had some crackers with Philidephia light medium fat cream cheese and smoked salmon. I drank 2 pints of water.

Love Sarah x

My Everyday Makeup – December 2016

I’ve not done an everyday makeup routine in quite a while now so I thought it was about time I did. This is just my current everyday go to makeup look which I’m loving right now. I did a foundation routine recently and you can see that if you click HERE. I hope you enjoy this and let me know what products you’re using at the moment.

In my recent foundation routine I mentioned that I was using a primer but I’ve since stopped using that as I’ve found primer just doesn’t work with my skin at all. It blocks my fairly large pores and my skin just looks awful. I just go straight to foundation and I’m still using Rimmel Wake Me Up Foundation in ‘Light Porcelain’ which gives a medium and natural coverage. To apply and blend it out I’ve been using my Real Techniques Sculpting Brush which is angled and quite dense. To conceal my undereyes and any slight redness I may have I’ve been using my Rimmel Wake Me Up Concealer in ‘Ivory.’ It is really light weight and has a medium coverage which I like. To cover any blemishes I’ve been using my MUA Hide & Conceal Concealer in ‘Natural.’ It is quite thick and is high coverage so it’s perfect for covering blemishes or imperfections. I then prime my eyelids using the Urban Decay Eyeshadow Primer. I then set my undereyes and eyelids using my favorite powder, Rimmel Stay Matte Pressed Powder in ‘Transparent.’ Then to set the rest of my face with the Collection Lasting Perfection Pressed Powder in ‘Fair’ which I don’t really like as it oxidises my foundation but I don’t hate it so I’m just using it up. I apply my powder with my Real Techniques Powder Brush.

Next I do my eyebrows using the L’Oreal Brow Artist Genius Kit in ‘Light/Medium.’ I shape them with the wax and then fill them in with the powder making sure not to be too heavy handed. I then like to contour and I use my Seventeen Define & Conquer Contour Kit in ‘Medium.’ I apply this under my cheekbones, on my nose and on my jawline using the Real Technqiues Sculpting Brush. I then like to bronze (eventhough it’s Winter – I’m just obbsessed with bronzer!) using the L’Oreal Glam Bronze Bronzing Powder in ‘Caribbean Sun.’ I then highlight the tops of my cheekbones and the tip of my nose using the MUA Undress Your Skin Highlighter in ‘Pink Shimmer.’

Next I do my eyeshadow and I’m still in love with my Urban Decay Naked 3 Palette. I take the shades ‘Limit’ and ‘Nooner’ which are both matte shades on a blending brush and apply them in the crease. It’s literally as simple as that, although sometimes I’ll take a brown like ‘Factory’ under the eye on a pencil brush. Then I apply my favorite mascara which is Maybelline Lash Sensational Mascara in ‘Black.’ It volumises my lashes so much and people sometimes think I’m wearing false lashes – that’s how good it is.

I then apply some lip balm, my usual choice being the Burt’s Bees Beeswax Lip Balm to moisturise my lips. This step is especially important if I’m going to be doing a matte lip. I then outline my lips with my Model Co Illusion Lip Liner which is a lovley your lips but better nude shade. I usually change my lip colour up everyday but my go to colour recently has been MAC Satin Lipstick in ‘Faux.’ It is a stunning and feminine pinky nude which complements my pale beige/neutral skintone well. 

Love Sarah x