MAC Lipstick Collection 2016

I’m going to be sharing with you my MAC lipstick collection today. Compared to most people I don’t have many, only 4, but I’ll deffinetly update you! Let me know what MAC lipsticks you have and what ones I should get next!

Creme Cup – Cremesheen 
This was my first ever MAC lipstick which I bought about two years ago. After watching videos on other peoples collections I decided on this one as it is a pale pink and super easy to wear. I wear this on a day to day basis and can be worn with almost all makeup looks. Because of it’s blue undertones it would probably best suit people with slightly paler skin and neutral to cool undertones. This is a cremesheen formula which has a comfortable, creamy, semi glossy finish. It has a really nice amount of pigment but because of it’s creamy formula it will need re-applying throughout the day which isn’t an issue for me. I do like the packaging of the MAC lipsticks and I think they are deffinetly worth the money at £15.50 (you can get them cheaper in airports, about £12 or £13) although you can get great cheaper alternatives. This would be a great first MAC lipstick for alot of people.

Snob – Satin
I bought this in a bit of a rush when I was in Paris, I was literally in and out of the store in 5 minutes and I hadn’t thought about what I wanted at all. I am however so glad I got this as I wear it quite frequently and it’s my go to pink. It is quite a difficult colour to pull of and is known for being a difficult shade to wear. It would suit those with paler skin and cool undertones as it’s undertones are very lilac/purple. It is a medium barbie pink with lilac undertones like I mentioned. This has a satin finish which is quite long lasting and opaque and has a semi matte finish. It is quite pigmented and doesn’t need re-applying throughout the day. I’d recommend trying it on in store as it is a very specific colour but if you like barbie pinks, you’ll love this.

L-R: Faux, Honeylove, Snob, Creme Cup

Faux – Satin
I purchased this in an airport which does save you a couple of pounds. I bought this because I wanted a bit more of a grown up, feminine nude. This is a really wearable colour so it’s great for everyday wear but it can also look really chic and be perfect for a night out. This is one of those colours that would suit almost anyone no matter their skin colour or tone. It is a medium pink/brown nude which is so pretty and like the previous lipstick it is a satin finish. This means it’s quit long lasting and opaque. I’d recommend this lipstick to anyone as this is the only lipstick you’d need as it can be worn at any time for any occassion. 

Honeylove – Matte
As I am quite pale, the famous shade ‘Velvet Teddy’ is slightly dark for my liking so I chose this which is basically just a lighter version. I wear this all the time as it goes with any makeup look and I would say it’s my go to nude. It would suit most people, maybe not darker skin tones but that always leaves you with even better options. This is a medium neutral toned nude lipstick which is my perfect colour. This is a matte finish which is opaque and very long lasting but can be quite drying (not much compared to other matte formulas though). It is very pigmented as you would expect from a matte lipstick and you probably won’t need to re-apply during the day depending on how much you eat or drink. I’d deffinelty recommend this to most people but especially those with paler skin who can’t quite pull of the more famous nudes from MAC as easily.

Love Sarah x


14 thoughts on “MAC Lipstick Collection 2016

  1. Love these colours! You should check out the colour ‘Brave’… it’s similar to one of your pinky shades and it’s super natural! It’s definitely my Favourite ☺️ Love your blog by the way, just started following ☺️ Xx

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