What I Ate Wednesday – 16/11/16

I’ve not done a what I ate Wednesday in such a long time so I thought I’d do another one for you all today.

​Breakfast, 7:30
For breakfast I had granola with greek yoghurt and honey. To drink I had two pints of water and a cup of organic decaf green tea.

Morning break, 10:50 
At my morning break I had Nakd Strawberries & Cream Fruit & Nut Nibbles and a bottle of water.

Lunch, 13:05
I ate couscous with roasted red peppers, onions and mushrooms. I Also had a bottle of water.

Dinner, 17:00
For dinner I had wholewheat pasta with mackrel, kale, brocolli and red peppers. I drank a pint of water.

Snack, 20:30
And for my snack I had a carrot, a mandarin and some cashew nuts. I then had a pint of water and a bottle of pomegranate vitamin water.

Love Sarah x


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