L’Oreal Brow Artist Genius Kit Review

I’m doing another review today and I thought I’d do it on my L’Oreal Brow Artisit Genius kit. Let me know if there are any other reviews you’d like me to do and let me know your thoughts and opinions on this product.

This is an eyebrow powder and wax duo which costs £9.99 and comes in two shades, ‘Light/Medium’ and ‘Medium/Dark.’ They are both quite neutral/cool toned which is great for me, and I’m sure many people will be happy that there is a drugstore brow product out there that isn’t too warm toned. The wax has a good texture that is pefect for defining the arches of your brows and making them look perfect. It’s also great for making small hair strokes and filling in any patches. The powder is also great for filling in the brows and making them look fuller which I love. Here is a breif summary of the two shades.

Light/Medium – Is a dark blonde neutral/cool toned colour which would be perfect for medium to dark blondes with cooler more ashy tones.
Medium/Dark – Is a medium/dark brown which is also neutral/cool toned colour. It would be perfect for medium to dark brunettes with neutral or cool tones.

I like the small but sturdy packaging which has quite a classy look to it making it look a little more expensive. Inside there is a little mirror which is so handy if you’re doing your brows on the go. It comes with a tiny pair of tweezers which in my opinion are rubbish, and it also comes with a little double ended brush. One side is a spoolie and the other side has a little angled brush which I use for the wax.

Overall I think this is a great eyebrow which I’d highly recommend especially for the price. Remember to let me know your thoughts on this!

Love Sarah x


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