Everyday Non-Beauty Essentials

I often talk about all of my beauty essentials as this is mainly a beauty blog. But today I wanted to share with you some of my everyday non-beauty related essentials. I hope you enjoy and let me know what your must have non-beauty item is.

1.Water – I always have a bottle of Glacéau Smart Water, 850ml in my bag because I drink alot of water. It is so important to keep well hydrated and you should drink at least 2000ml of water everyday. It is so good for you and would probably be my number one beauty tip.

2. Chewing GumI like to always make sure I have a tub of Wrigley’s Extra White Sugar Free Chewing Gum. It is great for after you’ve eaten as it helps remove stains, maintain teeth’s natural whiteness and freshen breath.

3. IbuprofenI make sure I always have ibuprofen with me as you never know when you’ll have a headache or something. And if you need ibuprofen and you don’t have any, it’s horrible.

4. Vitamin D I have a vitamin D dificiency so it’s important for me to take it everyday especially in the Winter as I get very little sun as I live so far North.

5. Deoderant And my last essential would be deoderant. It’s important to use throughout the day especially in the Summer when it’s alot hotter.

Love Sarah x


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