Sleek Cream Contour Kit Review

I wanted to do another review for you all today and I thought it was about time to review my Sleek cream contour kit. I’ve had it for a while now, since June, and I thought I’d give it a full review and let you know all my thoughts and my honest opinions.

I bought this three or four months ago when I decided I wanted to try cream contouring. After having a look around Superdrug, I chose to by this one by Sleek which had six colours inside and retailed for £10.99. It comes in three shades, ‘Light,’ ‘Medium’ & ‘Dark,’ and I decided to buy the shade Medium (wrong choice, I should have got Light!). Of the six colours, two of them are for highlighting and four are for contouring. I’m going to give you a run down of the colours inside:

01 – Perfect for highlighting, this is a light, creamy ivory shade which is less than half a shade lighter than my skin. I’ve hit pan on it and I’ve used about half.
02 – Made for highlighting, this light, warm olive colour is too dark for highlighting my skin but not dark or cool enough to contour with. It’s probably my least used shade.
03 – The lightest contouring shade in this palette, it is a medium, warm tan shade. A great colour but because of a contrasting undetone to my skin, I don’t often find myself using it.
04 -A great contouring shade, it is a neutral, medium tan shade, slightly darker than the one previous. It is great for contouring as it’s quite cool, but not to cool that I couldn’t use it as a bronzer.
05 – The third contouring shade in this palette, it is medium brown with a cool tone to it. I love it for contouring and is my most used shade from this palette and I’ve hit pan.
06 – The darkest shade in this palette is a dark is a dark brown shade with neutral tones. Because of it’s dark tone I don’t use it much but it’s good if I have a tan.

The blendablity of this product is amazing and it is consistent through out the whole palette. The formula is beautiful and they have the perfect amount of pigmentation. I love the packaging of this product. It is matte black and Sleek is on the front in shiney black writing. It is thin so perfect to travel with it and I love the big mirror in it – it’s a great size.

Love Sarah x


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