Fall Favorites Tag!

It is now well into Autumn and I’ve got to say I’m loving the weather. It isn’t too cold yet but I’m dreading the Winter weather – it gets so cold here! I was tagged by sittingintheclouds, so thankyou and you should checkout her blog!

Favorite Candle: My favorite Autumn/Fall candle and probably one of my favorite candles ever is Yankee Candle Christmas Baking. From the scents name you’d think it would be more Christmasy but for me I deffinetly think it’s more Autumnal.

Favorite Lip Product: My favorite lip product for fall is not your typical red or plum colour – I’m not really into them too much. It would probably be MAC Satin Lipstick in ‘Faux.’ It is a feminine nude colour which I do think is perfect for Autumn.

Favorite Nail Polish: I really love reds and plum colours for the nails and one of my favorites would have to be Revlon Nail Enamel in ‘Raven Red.’ It’s just the perfect Autumnal nail colour and looks really nice on my skin tone.

Favorite Comfy Clothing Item: My favorite comfy clothing item would probably just be some of my jumpers. My favorite ones are from Topshop, H&M and Forever 21. 

Favorite Shoes: I think my favorite shoes for Autumn are my Topshop KEEPER Leather Chelsea Boots. Everyone needs a pair of chelsea boots.

Favorite Accessory: I tend just to wear the same jewelry all the time. A stirling silver ring which I got for my 13th birthday, a stirling silver necklace which I got from one of my friends for my 10th birthday and just any earrings.

Halloween or Thanksgiving?: I don’t celebrate Thanksgiving as I’m Scottish and Halloween isn’t my favorite holiday but I still do like it and I’d have to say Halloween. 

Favorite Drink: I don’t really have a favorite Autumn/Fall drink. I tend to just drink tap water and decaf green tea. Everyone will probably say a Starbucks Pumpkin Spice Latte – and they are nice, just not my favorite.

What’s the happiest part of Fall for you?: There isn’t one particular part of Fall that stands out as the happiest but overall I do really like fall, I think it is probably my favorite season.

Love Sarah x


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