Healthy Eating Tips

I want to give you all some healthy eating tips which I love and constantly do. I did a very simmilar post about 6 months ago but I wanted to do another one as it isn’t written as well as I’d like and I have more tips I’d like to include. 

1. Don’t skip meals!
This one is deffinetly one of the most important tips. If you take one thing away from this post, make it this tip. Always make time for breakfast, lunch, dinner and also include healthy snacks when you’re hungry. Skipping meals or not eating when you’re hungry will make you overeat when you do come to eating something and going hours without eating will totally ruin your metabolism and food will be stored as fat as your body won’t be able to break it down.

2. Substitute foods for a healthier option
Making small changes to your diet can really make a huge difference. Swapping your white flour in breads, rices and pasta for wholewheat/brown bread, rice and pasta makes a massive difference and for this particular subsitution you will be less bloated. It is also good to get into the habit of swapping things like ice cream for frozen yogurt, french fries for sweet potato fries and the normal version of something for the light version (not lower fat version though – they include loads of sugar).

3. Don’t deprive yourself or cut something out completley
If you deprive yourself of a food that you really enjoy you will only find yourself craving it more. If you eat healthily most of the time you can have a small treat each day (depending on what it is) and then you can have a cheat day on a Sunday. Also cutting out a food group completley will result in you eating alot more of it, for example, if you cut out sugar, you will be doing great for a week and then you will have massive binge and feel rubbish. So just make sure you’re eating unhealthier foods in moderation and eating healthily 80-90% of the time.

4. Drink loads of water, at least 2000ml per day
Although this technically isn’t eating, it is so good for you to be constantly well hydrated. The best way to keep hydrated is from drinking water as it contains no calories and has so many health benefits. The way I make sure I drink enough water (I drink around 4000ml per day as I’m on a high fluid diet for medical reasons) and am always hydrated is by drinking out of pint glasses which are 500ml and drinking from big water bottles which can hold 850ml. In Scotland the tap water is the same as the bottled stuff you drink all over the world so I drink tap water, but drink whatever you can/prefer.

5. Eat unprocessed foods
Processed foods contain so many ingredients and that more often than not means it’s not the healthiest option. They are okay sometimes but for the most part try and eat clean unprocessed foods. Examples of those are fruits and vegetables, nuts, fresh meat and fish etc. This is a reason you should always try and make your own meals so you know exactly what your putting into your own body and homemade things always taste the best.

Love Sarah x


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