How To Use Your Face Makeup Brushes

I’m going to be telling you about all of the different ways you can use your face makeup brushes. I will be doing one for eye makeup brushes soon too so look out for that! 

Fan Brush
Example: Zoeva 129 Luxe Fan Brush

Fan brushes are thin and flexible fan shaped brushes. They are perfect and most commonly used for applying powder highlighter. Another good way to use them is for sweeping away eyeshadow fallout or getting rid of excess powder. They can also be used for a light contour and they come in a couple of different sizes.

Foundation Brush
Example: Lancôme Foundation Brush

Foundation brushes are usually flat and dense with rounded ends and are perfect for applying liquid foundations and concealers and for blending other cream/liquid products. For applying product use small back and forth strokes. This brush will leave you with a light/medium natural finish.

Flat Top Brush
Example: Morphe M108 Flat Bronzer Brush

Flat top brushes are dense and have smooth cut flat tops. They have multiple uses like applying and blending any cream or liquid products like foundation. They come in several sizes so they are perfect for many things. 

Angled Foundation Brush
Example: Real Techniques Foundation Brush

Angled foundation brushes are dense and flat with angled ends. They are also thicker than your traditional foundation brush and using short back and forth strokes will create a light/medium coverage. They are great for applying and blending any cream or liquid products.

Powder Brush
Example: NYX Pro Powder Brush

Powder brushes are large, fluffy and are soft yet dense. They are mostly used for applying powder products such as pressed powder. They can also be used for blending because of their round shape. They can also be used for other powder products like blusher and bronzer.

Buffing Brush
Example: Nanshy Round Buffer Brush

Buffing brushes are generally round and are very dense and stiff yet soft. They are made for buffing makeup into the skin and for a flawless and perfectly blended finish you should use small circular motions. You can use them for applying and/or blending any cream or liquid products like foundation, concealer and cream contour.

Stipling Brush
Example: MAC 187 Stipling Brush

Stipling brushes have flexible duo fibre bristles and are quite dense yet soft. Use buffing motions and small circular movements to blend creams and liquids flawlessly. They can come in different sizes and can be used for applying cream, liquid and powder products.

Blush Brush
Example: Charlotte Tilbury Blusher Brush

Blush brushes are normally medium sized and round with soft bristles which allows precise application. The shape allows easy blending and it can be use for applying and/or blending blush, highlight and bronzer. It is also perfect for contouring and setting undereye concealer.

Love Sarah x


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