Runway: A/W Fashion Week 2016

Today I thought I’d do a post showing some of my favorite looks from A/W fashion week 2016. I hope you enjoy and let me know what your favorite looks were.

Elie Saab Autumn/Winter 2016 Couture Collection

Schiaparelli Autumn/Winter 2016 Couture Collection

Elie Saab Autumn/Winter 2016 Haute Couture Collection

Paolo Sebastian Autumn/Winter 2016 Couture Collection

Alexander McQueen Autumn/Winter 2016 Collection

Marchesa Autumn/Winter 2016 Ready To Wear Collection

Giambattista Valli Autumn/Winter 2016 Ready To Wear Collection

Love Sarah x

Amazing Skincare Discoveries!

I recently did a post called ‘My Skincare Favorites of All Time‘ where I talked about my holy grail skincare products. Since then, I have discovered two new skincare products which I absolutley love and I wanted to share them with you. I hope you enjoy this and be sure to let me know what your favorite skincare products are.

E45 Dermatological Emollient Wash Cream, £4.35 – I started using this at the start of July so I’ve been using it for over three months now. It melts off makeup so easily (even waterproof mascara!) and it leaves my skin feeling so soft and hydrated. I just use half a pump for removing my eye makeup and a whole pump for removing my base. It is soap free so it cleans the skin without stripping it. I really love this and I’d highly recommend to anyone, especially those with dryer skin.

Garnier Skin Naturals Pure Active Anti-Blackhead Deep Pore Wash, £3.79 – I started using this towards the end of July so I’ve been using this for almost three months. I’m really fussy when it comes to exfoliaters and this is the only one I’ve found which isn’t to harsh but still properly exfoliates. I just use a little bit after I’ve removed my makeup a couple of times a week and focus on my t-zone. This is specifically for people with oily skin prone to imperfections (like me) and it contains salicylic acid and minerals. Aswell as that it helps the dryer areas of my face but I would only recommend to those with oily/combination or acne prone skin.

Love Sarah x

My Eyebrows

Today I thought I would talk all about my eyebrows. How I do them, what products I use. I hope you enjoy and if you know of any amazing eyebrow products, let me know.

My eyebrows are naturally blonde but thick. I have had them professionally done before but they took off a substantial amount of one of my eyebrows in the arch area and told me ‘not to freak out when I looked in the mirror.’ They also took them so far back and the gap between them was ridiculous. Below is a picture of me with those terrible brows! If you are going to get your eyebrows professionally then I’ve heard Benefit is an amazing place to go. Also, I know loads of people who get theirs done in Superdrug

My eyebrow disaster!

So after growing them back out, and many bad shapes later, I’m finally happy with them. I do them myself, and I use The Body Shop Slanted Tweezers (mine are a limited edition paw print pair from about 2011) and they do the job perfectly. I also use a pair of mini nail scissors to cut the along the tops of my brows (DO NOT do this if you don’t know what you’re doing!). And also, I only ever pluck stray hairs from underneath my brows, and I’m sure you’ve heard it a hundred times, but never pluck above. 

Choosing the right colour of brow product for you can be pretty difficult. However, a simple rule is if you are blonde, your eyebrows should be the same as the darkest shade in your hair. And if you’re a brunette, your eyebrows should match the lightest shade in your hair.

With that out the way, on a day to day basis I fill in my eyebrows with L’Oreal Brow Artist Genius Kit in ‘Light Medium’ which has a powder, a wax, a pair of tiny tweezers (which are rubbish) and a tiny double ended brush with a spoolie on one end and an angled brow brush on the other. I firstly use the wax on the brush it comes with do difine the arch of my brow and to get the shape of my brows. I then use the powder on an angled brow brush (don’t know where it’s from but the Nars Brow Defining Brush looks pretty similar) and fill the rest of my brows in. I always brush them out with a spoolie to finish them off.

If I’m going for a more natural look (which is rare), or if I’m not wearing any makeup and I’m going out I will fill my eyebrows in alot more naturally as my natural eyebrows are ridiculous. I fill them in with the Maybelline Master Brow Eyebrow Pencil in ‘Dark Blonde’ which is quite waxy and shapes the brows. I brush them through with the spoolie on the other end and set them with the gel side of the Soap & Glory Brow Archery 2-in-1 Brow in ‘Blonde Ambition.’ 

Love Sarah x

What I Ate Wednesday – 21/9/16

I’m doing another What I Ate Wednesday today and I hope you enjoy!

​Breakfast, 7:30
For breakfast I had Scottish porridge made with water with 2 tablespoonfuls of natural greek yogurt, fresh raspberries, a bit of honey and some cinnamon. To drink I had 1 pint of water and 1 cup of jasmine and green tea.

Morning break, 10:50 
For my morning break I had a Harvest Morn apple and cinnamon breakfast bar and a bottle of water.

Lunch, 13:05
At lunch I had rye bread with light medium fat Philidelphia and cucumber. To drink I had 1 bottle of water.

Dinner, 17:00
At dinner I had salmon with quinoa, brocolli and a baked sweet potato with a pint of water.

Snack, 20:30
Lastly I had an apple and Greek style yogurt with honey and blueberries. I also drank a pint of water.

Love Sarah x

The Ride Or Die Makeup Tag

I’m doing the ride or die makeup tag which was created by Jaclyn Hill. I loved watching her showing her all time favorite products and I’ve enjoyed everyone elses take on the tag too. I have added in a couple of categories and taken out a couple and I think all of you should do this tag too!

My favorite foundation would probably have to be Rimmel Wake Me Up Foundation in ‘Light Porcelain.’ It offers a light to medium buildable, natural coverage and the shade is great. It is also only £8.99 so it is really affordable.

I like different concealers for different things but if I could only have one it would be Collection Lasting Perfection Concealer in ‘Fair.’ This is full coverage, can cover anything and the 4 shades they have are great. I can’t get over the fact it’s only £4.19.

Face powder 
This was the easiest one, it would deffinetly be Rimmel Stay Matte Pressed Powder in ‘Transparent’ and it’s only £3.99. It comes in 6 shades and gives a matte finish. It keeps your makeup in place all day and I love it.

My favorite cotour product is my Seventeen Define & Conquer Contour Kit in ‘Medium’ which has a matte contour shade and a matte highlight shade. They are pigmented, blend so easily and the result is so natural.

I think L’Oreal bronzers are amazing and I love L’Oreal Glam Bronzing Powder in ‘Caribbean Sun.’ The shade is perfect for me (I use the 3rd of 9) and it is matte but has shimmer through it so it looks so natural.

I don’t wear blusher that often but when I do, I always reach for Collection Blush in ‘Bashful’ which is only a couple of pounds. It looks so natural and pretty.

I haven’t tried a crazy amount of highlighters but I love MUA Undress Your Skin Shimmer Highlighter in ‘Pink Shimmer’ which is so pigmented and long lasting especially for the price of £3.

I have tried so many mascaras and I really like alot of them, but I always find myself going back to Maybelline Lash Sensational Lash Multiplying Mascara ‘Intense Black’ which gives amazing volume and length.

Eyeshadow Palette
I do love eyeshadow palettes and I have quite a few but my go to palette is my Urban Decay Naked 3 Eyeshadow Palette which contains the perfect shades for me. They are so long lasting and blend effortlessly.

I have a few highend liners but the Rimmel Kohl Kajal Eyeliner Pencil in ‘Jet Black’ is my favorite. It is pigmented, blendable and it doesn’t smudge easily. 

Liquid eyeliner
I’m very specific when it comes to liquid liner and I love all L’Oreal ones. My favorite would be L’Oreal Super Liner Black Laquer Waterproof as it lasts and is easy to apply.

This was so hard but a great everyday lipstick for me is MAC Cremesheen Lipstick in ‘Creme Cup’ as the formula and colour are amazing!

Liquid lipstick
I’d have to go for NYX Soft Matte Lip Cream in ‘Abu Dhabi’ as it is so comfortable to wear yet it lasts all day. The colour is also the perfect nude.

Eventhough I only recently discoverd N07 BB Lips Beauty Balm in ‘Ballerina’ it has already become my favorite. I just love the creamy formula and they pretty colour.

Eye primer
Eyep primer makes all the difference when it comes to keeping your eyeshadow on all day and I love Urban Decay Anti Aging Eyeshadow Primer Potion as it does just that.

Lip liner
I absolutley love Model Co Illusion Lip Liner which is one colour suits all and it makes your lips look slightly fuller yet natural.

I think my favorite would have to be a classic, Chanel No5 Eau De Toilette as it is perfect for any occassion.

I love doing my eyebrows and I’ve tried alot but my favorite product would be L’Oreal Brow Artist Genius Kit in ‘Light/Medium’ as it’s a great colour for me and the powder and wax are amazing.

Love Sarah x

Healthy Eating Tips

I want to give you all some healthy eating tips which I love and constantly do. I did a very simmilar post about 6 months ago but I wanted to do another one as it isn’t written as well as I’d like and I have more tips I’d like to include. 

1. Don’t skip meals!
This one is deffinetly one of the most important tips. If you take one thing away from this post, make it this tip. Always make time for breakfast, lunch, dinner and also include healthy snacks when you’re hungry. Skipping meals or not eating when you’re hungry will make you overeat when you do come to eating something and going hours without eating will totally ruin your metabolism and food will be stored as fat as your body won’t be able to break it down.

2. Substitute foods for a healthier option
Making small changes to your diet can really make a huge difference. Swapping your white flour in breads, rices and pasta for wholewheat/brown bread, rice and pasta makes a massive difference and for this particular subsitution you will be less bloated. It is also good to get into the habit of swapping things like ice cream for frozen yogurt, french fries for sweet potato fries and the normal version of something for the light version (not lower fat version though – they include loads of sugar).

3. Don’t deprive yourself or cut something out completley
If you deprive yourself of a food that you really enjoy you will only find yourself craving it more. If you eat healthily most of the time you can have a small treat each day (depending on what it is) and then you can have a cheat day on a Sunday. Also cutting out a food group completley will result in you eating alot more of it, for example, if you cut out sugar, you will be doing great for a week and then you will have massive binge and feel rubbish. So just make sure you’re eating unhealthier foods in moderation and eating healthily 80-90% of the time.

4. Drink loads of water, at least 2000ml per day
Although this technically isn’t eating, it is so good for you to be constantly well hydrated. The best way to keep hydrated is from drinking water as it contains no calories and has so many health benefits. The way I make sure I drink enough water (I drink around 4000ml per day as I’m on a high fluid diet for medical reasons) and am always hydrated is by drinking out of pint glasses which are 500ml and drinking from big water bottles which can hold 850ml. In Scotland the tap water is the same as the bottled stuff you drink all over the world so I drink tap water, but drink whatever you can/prefer.

5. Eat unprocessed foods
Processed foods contain so many ingredients and that more often than not means it’s not the healthiest option. They are okay sometimes but for the most part try and eat clean unprocessed foods. Examples of those are fruits and vegetables, nuts, fresh meat and fish etc. This is a reason you should always try and make your own meals so you know exactly what your putting into your own body and homemade things always taste the best.

Love Sarah x