Transitional Summer to Autumn/Fall Nails

I thought I’d share some nail ideas for the transition from Summer to Autumn/Fall. It’s now the end of August which means technically the end of Summer. However it doesn’t feel like Summer is quite over and hopefully we still have warmer weather to come. I hope you all enjoy!

Leopard print is a classic Autumn print so it gives Autumnal vibes. The pastel blue colour adds a bit of summer back into it and makes it perfect for August/September. To do this paint 1/3 of the nail with a base colour, then the other 2/3 with the pastel blue like Barry M Nail Paint in ‘Sky Blue,’ then addthe leopard print detailing and finish with a top coat.

Metalic opper is perfect for the transition from Summer to Autumnn, which everyone loves and this one is obviously really easy to do. This is Essie Nail Laquer in ‘Penny Talk’ but another beautiful metalic option is Essie Nail Laquer in ‘Buy Me A Cameo.’ Always remember to finish of with a top coat.

Still keeping to the metalic theme but this time with an Autumnal pattern, but still perfect for Summer as it has bright shades of pinks, reds and purples too. Start of with the base colour which is Barry M Molten Metal Nail Paint in ‘Gold Digger.’ Then add the bright shades which can be of your choice and finish with a top coat.

This colour from the O.P.I Infinite Shine range is the perfect shade for the transition as it’s bright yet muted slightly. The coral pink shade is also perfect for both seasons and you can add nail art if you’d like to. Remember to always finish off by using a topcoat.

Love Sarah x


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