Best Drugstore Makeup Brands

Today I decided to write a post on my personal favorite drugstore makeup brands. I’ll be telling you why I love each brand and what products they do best. I think I’ll do a second one as there are loads, but do let me know what your favorites are or if I’m missing anything!

L’Oreal – This is deffinetly one of my favorite brands of all time. They do some amazing, high quality products which I’d recommend trying. I love their liquid eyeliners as all of them stay on all day and are so easy to use. Their eye brow kit is my go to brow product (light/medium is my perfect shade) as it’s so easy to use. Their lipsticks are one of the best options you’ll get in the drugstore and the colour range is amazing – I really like their lipglosses to; the applicators are perfect. The bronzers they do are by far one of my favorites and the shades are great (I love 03 Caribbean sun). And lastly, they know how to make a good nail varnish!

 Rimmel – I love Rimmel because they have great prices but always amazing products. I could live without their foundations (light porcelain matches me perfectly) as their quality is comparable to more expesive products. The wake me up concealer is my go to and their powder is the best one I’ve ever used. They have some great quad eyeshadows with a beautiful shade range. Their kohl liner is incredible and is as good as Lancôme ones. I also recently tried some of the mascaras and they are amazing too.

MUA – MUA is an affordable but mostly great quality makeup brand. It is particularly good for those just starting with makeup. One of the great things the brand does is shimmer highlighters. They are so pigmented and even have colour choices. One of the things they do well is eyeshadow, especially the metalic, shimmer and pearl finishes. They also have eyeshadow palettes which are good value for money. Their lipsticks are good for the price and they are pigmented. A favorite of mine from MUA is their lipliners as they are comparable to much more expensive options.

Love Sarah x


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