What I Ate Wednesday – 24/8/16

I thought I would start a What I Ate Wednesday series as I find these really interesting to read/watch. I hope you all enjoy this and let me know if you do!

Breakfast, 6:40 
I had Scottish porridge oats made with water, greek style natural yoghurt, honey & raspberries. To drink I had a pint (500ml) of water and a cup of decaf jasmine green tea.

Morning break, 10:50 
I had a Belvita red berry soft bake breakfat bar with a bottle (500ml) of water.

Lunch, 13:05
I ate 1 slice of wholewheat toast with light medium fat philidelphia cream cheese. With that I had some cucumber, 1 carrot, 1 yellow mini pepper, 1 orange mini pepper & 500ml of water.

Dinner, 17:00
I had homemade Mexican chilli which has turkey mince, kidney beans, chickpeas, edamame, peppers, courgette and carrots. I also had 500ml of water.

Evening Snack, 20:30
And for my evening snack I had a pink lady apple and some cashew nuts. To drink I had 500ml of water.

Love Sarah x


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