5 High End Products That I Love

I’m sharing five of my favorite high end products. Alot of people arn’t sure if paying more means better quality, but these are five products, in my opinion, are totally worth it.

Urban Decay Naked 3 Eyeshadow Palette, £38.50
I bought this because it’s gorgeous pink colours just caught my eye when I saw it in Sephora. I love this for everyday more natural looks and also for more dramatic, glamourous looks. It has gorgeous pink shades and some beautiful nutreal brown shades too. The colours would suit most people but one of the other three Naked Palettes may be better suited to other people. These are hands down the most pigmented eyeshadows ever, which for me, makes the product totally worth the money. These are also super long lasting which is another amazing thing about them. I would highly recommend Urban Decays eyeshadows as a whole, but this palette is amazing.

Stila In The Moment Eyeshadow Palette, £25
I bought this because of the variation of colours and the different looks you could create with it. All five colours on the bottom line are perfect for everyday wear but could deffinetly be made more of an evening look by using the black colour. One of my favorite things about the palette is the shimmery white colour which is thr perfect inner corner highlight. I do find the purples less wearable but I still make use of them. These eyeshadows are so pigmented and always stay on all day. As an alternative to this palette there are also a couple of others like this which would be perfect too. I would highly recommend this palette to anyone, and also Stila eyeshadows in general.

Urban Decay Anti Aging Eyeshadow Primer Potion, £18
I bought this because they have been spoken so highly of by so many people; I just had to give them a go. It colour corrects the eyelid and blurs flaws perfectly, preping the eyelid for eyeshadow. It applys really smoothly and evenly and it lasts forever as a little goes a long way. It makes eyeshadow last all day and the intensity of the eyeshadow doesn’t wear down throughout the day. I can’t say I’ve payed much attention to this, but many people claim to have noticed a measurable improvement in appearance of fine lines, had measurably brighter skin and had a measurable improvement in radiance and clarity. There are also three other formulas of eyeshadow primers by Urban Decay and I’m really excited to try them. It makes such a difference in how they wear and I would highly recommend it. 

Stila Color Balm Lipstick, £16
I bought this lipstick because I thought the colour was beautiful and the packaging looked so nice. The formula of the lipsticks is one of my favorites ever and I’m deffinetly going to be buying more colours. On the lips it feels like a super moisturising lip balm, but the pigmentation is incredible. I don’t know how they’ve managed to make the lipstick so pigmented but feel so similar to lip balm! It has quite a creamy finish which looks really nice in the Summer and it’s also really long lasting. They have such a wide range of colours (I have the shade ‘Avery’) so I would highly recommend these.

MAC Lipsticks, £15.50
I bought my first MAC lipstick about two years ago and I have loved them ever since. I now only have four, but whenever I need a new lipstick, I know I can always rely on MAC. As you probably know, MAC do many different formulas of lipstick, and the ones I have tried are matte, satin and cremesheen. The matte ones are matte but not drying, are really pigmented and they last all day. The satin ones, probably my personal favorites, are really pigmented, have a kind of semi matte finish, and they also last all day. Cremesheen lipsticks are really creamy and pigmented, but do need re-applying once throughout the day. I would recommend MAC lipsticks to anyone as they have such a wide shade range.

Love Sarah x


7 thoughts on “5 High End Products That I Love

  1. I love Mac matte lipsticks, as much as I love matte liquid lipsticks they dry on too fast on me and my lips start to peel but that doesn’t happen as much with Mac matte lipsticks! I just wanted to say you are gorgeous and I love your eye color! xx

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