Tips & Advice For Going Back To School

​So here in Scotland it is almost time for going back to school. After a long six or seven weeks off, going back to school is not fun. Today I have some tips and advice that will hopefully make going back to school a bit easier.

The biggest problem for many people is getting up in the morning. This may be difficult, but go to bed early enough that you’re able to get 7 to 9 hours of sleep. This will make getting up in the morning so much easier! If you particularly struggle with getting up, set an alarm 10 minuets before you have to get up so you have 10 minutes to actually get out of bed. 

Being organised and prepared for school is really important, so I would recommend that every night you pack your bag for the next day. Put all of the jotters you will need for the next day into your bag, and make sure everything that isn’t in your bag is in one place. This will prevent things getting lost.

Keeping  up to date with homework is a real struggle for some people. As soon as you are assigned a piece of homework, write it in your school planner/notebook or on your phone. Make sure to write every little deatail down as it will make doing the homework so much easier. Check your planner/notebook or phone every night to see if you have any homework for the next few days, which will give you enough time to do your homework to prevent rushing.

Dealing with bullies and/or general nasty people can be really tough. Try and ignore them as much as possible and pretend that you don’t care, because if you don’t react they will get bored and stop bothering you. Remember the person doing this is extreamly insecure about themselves and you have something they want and are jelous of. But there is a huge difference from being nasty and bullying. If someone is bullying you, you must tell someone like a parent, sibling, trusted friend, guidance teacher anyone you feel comfortable telling, as they need to know so they can put an end to it.

And now, how to deal with fall outs and drama within the close friend group. It happens with all friends and you need to accept that it is going to happen. If it is between you and someone else, try to sort through things by having a private, quite talk with them. Listen to what they say and accept you could be wrong. If it’s between two other people in the group, don’t take a sides as it could make things worse between them and you could loose a friend. If one of them is really wrong, talk to them, and tell them you don’t think they’re being very nice. Remember not to be confrontational though.

If you want a boy or girl to like you, be yourself, be confident and regularly make conversation, but don’t be pushy. If they don’t like you back, move on. It can be hard, but it’s not worth your time and it won’t work out. It’s their loss and you will find someone better. If it’s the other way about and a boy or girl likes you but you don’t like them back, polietly say no or make it clear that you don’t like them without being mean. If a someone likes you, but won’t make a move, it can be really annoying. They might be to shy or think you will turn them down. Give subtle hints that you like them, and if you really like them, you make the first move. If they turn you down, move on, it’s their loss and you will get over it!

Love Sarah x


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