Majorca 2016 – OOTD’s & What I Did

Here’s what I wore each day and what I got up to in my 8 days in Cala D’Or.

DAY 1: Today I flew from the UK to Majorca. I did quite a bit of shopping and a haul will be up soon! We arrived at our hotel and explored the town which I immediatly fell in love with.

Top – Zara. Shorts – H&M. Lipstick – MAC ‘Faux.’

Day 2: Today we did some shopping in the center of town. I really liked my hair which I actually did very last minute.

Top – Zara. Shorts – H&M. Lipstick – MAC ‘Faux.’

Day 3: I had a super relaxing day which I spent the majority of sunbathing on the rooftop sun terrace.

Playsuit – Missi. Lipstick -MAC ‘Creme Cup.’

Day 4: Today was not a good day. All I did was get myself locked out of my appartment, have an unfriedly conversation with a Spanish woman who didn’t speak English and smashed my phone screen.

Top – H&M. Shorts- New Look. Lipstick – MAC ‘Honeylove.’

Day 5: I have no idea what happend today. I for some reason made no notes on it. But I do know that hate the neckline on that top!

Top – New Look. Shorts – H&M. Lipstick – Stila ‘Avery.’

Day 6: Today was the Euro finals and everyone seemed to be really happy. I’m saying this because I don’t have anything else to say.

Top – New Look. Shorts – H&M. Lipstick – MAC ‘Snob.’

Day 7: We went to Cala Esmerelda rather than Cala Gran today which was also beautiful.

Top – Primark. Shorts – H&M. Lipstick – MAC ‘Creme Cup.’

Day 8: Today we traveld home. It was not a good journey.

Top – Topshop. Leggings – H&M (before I was sick all over myself). Top – Superdry. Shorts – H&M (not even an outift just quickly thrown together).

Love Sarah x


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