Things I love about Summer

It’s now well into Summer, eventhough the weather here in the UK does not show it at all. Never the less, I’ve just been on a super sunny holiday and I’m feelig really Summery, so I’m going to share some of the things that I love about Summer.

Longer days –  Right now, in the middle of Summer, the sun rises at 4:30am and sets at 10:02pm. This means our days last 17 hours and 31 minutes, and our longest day is long gone. I just love having longer days, it makes me so much happier.

Lighter nights – Simillar to the previous point, but it only starts to get dark at 11pm. When I was younger, I hated having light nights but now I love nothing more. I’m dreading Winter!

Warm(ish) weather – Here in the UK, it is rare that the Summer temperatures hit over 20C – yes, really! But after Winters with minus temperatures, 15C is great!

Days at the beach – I have lived beside the sea for my whole life, and alot of my happiest childhood memories are at the beach. I love going to the beach with friends at night, it’s just the best!

Evening walks – Long evening walks as the sun sets in Summer is the best thing ever! Whether that be along miles of coastline, miles of field, miles of woodland, or miles of concrete street, we have it all here.

Ice lollies – A bit silly because I eat them regardless to the season, but seen as they’re associated with Summer, I thought I’d include them. I love ice lollies so much!

Love Sarah x


2 thoughts on “Things I love about Summer

  1. I saw the first photo and Edinburgh popped in my head right away 😉 …..I’m in Clackmannanshire, jumping from the warm climate of the Caribbean to Scotland, the COLD wasn’t the only thing I had to get used to. The lighter evenings as well and though I’m toughening to the cold, not sure I’ll ever get used to the lighter nights because I’m a star gazer. Back home we spend hours sitting on the beach watching the stars.
    Thanks for stopping by my blog, it gave me the opportunity to find yours. Also, I would like to organize a bloggers bash for persons here in Scotland, you can find more information here:


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