My Skincare Favorites of All Time 

First of all, thankyou for 100 followers! It means alot that you guys enjoy reading my blog as it’s something I love doing so much. I appreciate and love all of you!

Something I surprisingly don’t think I’ve ever spoken about (correct me if I’m wrong) is skincare. It is one of the most important parts of my daily routine that I do morning and night, so today I thought I’d share the products I swear by and some tips. Please let me know if you have any more tips or good products because my skin is far from perfect!

So, I would say my skin is combination as my cheeks are dry, my nose and forehead are oily, and my chin is acne prone. My skin is also very dehydrated, so it can be quite difficult to find good products that work for me. It has taken my about three years to find out what I have to do to combat every one of these ‘problems’ with my skin and right now I’m happy with everything.

Foreo Luna Mini, £85 – I’ve been using this for six months now and I can honestly say that it has improved my skins condition so much. I use it for two minutes everyday as part of my evening skin care routine and I love it so much. Here are the benefits I’ve seen specificly on my skin:

  • The amount of blackheads on my face have pretty muched halved. I’ve noticed the biggest difference on my chin.
  • My makeup comes of so much more easily and my skin always feels so much cleaner afterwards.
  • My pores have shrunk quite a bit especialy around my nose area.
  • It is good for all skin types so works well for all parts of my face.

Simple Clear Skin Oil Balancing Exfoliating Wash, £4.19 – I have been using this product now for about two years and I really like it. It has little scrub pieces in it, and it’s a light exfoliating wash which means I don’t additionaly have to use an exfoliater. I use it as my face wash every night (sometimes morning) and it just works really well.

  • It gets rid of excess oils without leaving the skin dehydrated.
  • It works well as an everyday two in one exfoliater and face wash so it saves you having to buy to different products.
  • It is good for oily/combination skin types so it is good for my more oily t-zone.

    Garnier Micellar Cleansing Water, £4.99 – I’ve only been using this product for around two months but I already couldn’t live without it. I use it to take off my makeup and it just works so well.

    • It takes off all kinds of makeup so well not leaving a trace behind.
    • It doesn’t strip the skin of any natural oils yet it doesn’t leave it excessivly oily.
    • It works well on all skin types.

    Boots Tea Tree & Witch Hazel Cleanser & Toner, £3.59 – I’ve been using this for a year and it’s one of the best things that happend to my skin and my confidence. Tea tree is a natural blemish healer so using it in your morning and night skincare routine is amazing.

    • It clears up blemishes and imperfections and also seems to prevent them too.
    • It is good for normal to oily skin types so works well on my more acne prone areas.

      E45 Dermatological Cream, £7.09 – I started using this little over a year ago and very unexpectedly fell in love with it. I started using this to clear the sunburn on my face, but soon realised it was clearing the blemishes on my face and helping my dry skin alot. It has become one of my holy grail products and here’s why I love it…

      • It is mainly for dry skin so it is perfect for my cheeks and keeping them moisturised.
      • It is also perfect for my more oily areas as it stops more oil from being produced.
      • It keeps my skin well hydrated all year round.
      • It clears my belmishes up.

      Simple Kind To Skin+ Protecting Moisture Cream SPF30, £4.99 – I discovered this product over two years ago after deciding I needed a good moisturiser with a high SPF in it. I find this one to be protecting of my skin, and also non greasy.

      • It protects my skin from the suns harmful UVA and UVB rays – SPF is very important!
      • It is perfect for any skin type.
      • It is non greasy or oily so it is also suitable for oily skin.
      • Is a lightweight formula and also perfect under makeup.

      Love Sarah x


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