Handluggage Essentials & Travel Outfit for Majorca

I’m currently on the Baleric Island of Majorca and I’m having an amazing time. But today I thought today I’d tell you everything I have in my handluggage and I’m also going to tell you what outfits I’m wearing for travel.


Glasses – I need them for long distances, so it’s really important that I have these on hand, especially in somewhere like an airport.
Sunglasses – Incase when I arrive in my destination I neede them. Earphones – I have my  Apple earphones so I can listen to music or watch youtube videos on the plane, so obviously also have my phone and phone charger.
Chewing gum – I always have a packet of Wrigleys extra white chewing gum just incase I or someone I’m with with wants a piece.


Ibuprofen – I seriously think I mention this in every post but I just have to have them.
Purse – I always carry around my Joules leather leopard print purse with my Boots card, Pounds and Euros.
Water – A bottle of water is always an essential for me especially when traveling to make sure you keep well hydrated.


Makeup bag – I have all of my makeup in a big Estee Lauder makeup bag and I’ll have a post up soon telling you whats in it.
Deoderant & perfume – You just always need deoderant, and I have a Dove invisible dry deoderant and I also have my Chanel handbag No5 perfume.
Moisturiser & lip balm – I have to have my E45 cream on a flight because my skin drys out so easily, and I also have my Burt’s Bees lip balm.
Book: I’m taking Grace’s Guide by Grace Helbig as my holiday book.

Love Sarah x


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