France Day 9 & 10: Cite Europe and It’s Over and Done With!

These are my last two days in France. It was an amazing experience that I’ll remember as long as I live, and I honestly can’t believe that it’s over. It was one of the best times of my life and I wish I could just relive it!


On day nine we sadly left Paris for good early in the morning and headed to Cite Europe, a huge shopping center in Calais. The whole journey I was asleep  and we arrived at midday. There were so many amazing shops there, but
honestly I spent most of the time in Carrefour looking for fruit pots (which was unsucessful by the way). I did also pop into Sephora, how could I not?


We got the ferry back later that day and I will admit I maybe did a little bit too much shopping! After that we were stuck in London traffic for nearly three hours! What idiots idea was it to drive through Romford during rush hour on a Thursday night?! I fell asleep again for another four hours and then we were home.


I love every second of my trip to France and I am so greatful that I was given this amazing opertunity! I hope you all enjoyed all of my travel posts, and if you did, there are loads more coming for my second trip of 2016 this July!

Love Sarah x


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