France Day 7 & 8: Arc De Triomphe, Champs Elysees & Parc Asterix

My seventh and eighth days in France were so much fun! On day seven we were in Paris walking around and seeing sights and on day eight we traveled North of Paris to a theme park. Here’s what happend…


The first thing we did was go to Arc De Triomphe which was such a good experience – when you think Paris this is one of the things you think of. Then we went shopping on the Champs Elysees which is something that I wish I could do everyday! I went into places like H&M, Sephora and MAC (I have a haul up on here already with everything I bought). Next we went back to the Louvre, but on the half hour walk there we passed Notre Dame which I wish we had time to go to. After lunch and a bit more shopping in the Louvre, we went to Gare Du Nord and just stayed there for a while.


That evening after dinner we went on Bateux Mouches, a river cruise on the Siene which was amazing because we got to see so much of Paris and it was a great oppertunity for photos. We went on around half eight I think and by the time we got of it was totally dark so it was the perfect time to go on; or is it just me that loves city lights?


The next day we went to Parc Asterix which was so much fun! First me and one of my friends went on all of the silly little rides and had such a good time and laughed non stop. Then after lunch, or €9 worth of pick and mix (whoops!) one of my other friends took me on all three big rollercoasters with him which was so much fun, I didn’t think I’d enjoy it as much as I did! Then we met up with three other friends and went for ice cream.

Love Sarah x


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