France Day 5: British Cemetery & Omaha Beach

On the fifth day of my trip to France, we went to the British war cemetery in Bayeux and then went to Omaha beach; it was a pretty emotional day.


I’m mostly British and so are most of my family (except the Swedish person here and there) but my whole family, both sides managed to luckily escape WWII by being in the fishing industry. But most of te people I was with familys wern’t so lucky and it was a pretty emotional day finding some of these people. There are thousands of people there that fought hard for their country and I know I for one am eternaly greatful for what they did.


The next part of the day was a bit happier as we headed to Omaha beach. But awful things did happen on Omaha beach on D-day and seeing where everyone was positioned and what they had to do was so much more interesting than learning about it in a classroom. But we also had alot of fun at the beach despite the not so good weather, and some crazy people even went in the sea.

Love Sarah x


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