Beauty Haul: What I bought in France

I love shopping alot, and last week in Paris I did exactly that. There were shops like Sephora and MAC and obviously I just couldn’t help but make a purchase or two. I thought I’d share these things with you, and I can also share my opinions on the things I bought as I’ve been trying them out over the past week.


I made my first purchase in a French beauty shop in the center of Bayeux when I was supposed to be at the market. But of course I ended up wondering down the street to see if there was any makeup I could get my hands on. I was looking at the makeup brushes and the one that caught my eye was the Nocibé artiste pinceau double embout smockey which is a smokey dual ended brush. The bristles are really soft, fairly good quality and apply and blend eyeshadow well. It was around €9 if I remember correctly so considering all of that, I’d recommend these brushes.


Next thing I know I’m in Paris on the Champs-Elysees. Not a good idea for someone with a spending habit… especially when there’s a Sephora. I bought the Urban Decay naked 3 eyeshadow palette and I’m totally in love with it; it’s stunning! As we all know by now Urban Decay eyeshadows are amazing: they blend well, have amazing pigmentation, and have beautiful colours. The brush that comes in it is good quality to which is good, it was nearly €52! I also got four free samples of the Urban Decay eyeshadow primer potion in original, eden, sin and anti-aging. I’ll let you know how I get on with those.


Having spend so long in Sephora, I ended up with five minutes in MAC, ten at the most. Almost instinctivly I ran over to the lipsticks and had a quick look at them. I decided that I could pull of one of the most akward colours according to others, MAC Satin lipstick in ‘snob’. It is a georgeous medium pink but with cool lavender tones. It really suits me with my pale skin, blonde hair and blue eyes but it won’t suit many people so make sure to try it before you buy it! I love the formula as it is so long wearing and feels so comfortable on the lips – I love it.


While I was on the ferry from Calais to Dover, I just had to take a look around duty free. I decided to buy L’Oreal True Match foundation in ‘Rose Ivory.’ It is the perfect shade for me but unfortunatly I have to say I hate everything else about it. I was really excited to try it as it has amazing review but it’s just not for me. I’ll do a full review on it soon. Next thing, I’m happy to say I love. As you may know, I love my eyebrows, they’re just my thing. So when I see a good eyebrow product, I have to have it. I bought L’Oreal Brow Artist genius kit in ‘light/medium’ and so far I love it. I used it for the first time whilst in the London traffic before falling asleep and even then, it was so easy. Such a good product!


Love Sarah x


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