France Day 4: Visiting American and German Cemeterys

A big reason many people find themselves in Normandy is to take a look at some of the biggest WWII cemetrys in the world and pay their respects. On day four of my trip, that’s exactly what I did.


First was the American cemetery in Colleville Sur Mer. Their are two main American cemeterys, this one in Normandy and another in Brittany. Their are 9,387 burials of US service men and women here and I cannot put into words how it feels to see how many people died. It was an emotional visit but I enjoyed taking the time to come.


Next we went to the German Cemetery, La Cambe. Here there are 21,000 soldiers, but the cemetery is about 1/6 of the size of the American one. The two cemeterys couldn’t be more different. Again it was very emotional and I loved visiting.


Love Sarah x


2 thoughts on “France Day 4: Visiting American and German Cemeterys

  1. I had lunch earlier this week with someone who was there June 6 — 72 years ago. Now at 92, he is probably the oldest architech in the state. Photos like yours remind us what a price was paid that day.

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