My Hair!

One thing I’ve not really addressed on here is my hair. Today I thought I’d take the time to write all about it, from what products I use day to day, what I get done at the hairdressers and what hairstyles I usually go for.


First it’s probably worth telling you a bit about my hair in genral. My hair is naturally a cool toned medium blonde, an eight to seven in hairdresser terms (chart below!). Since the age of ten I’ve been getting my hair highlighted (which I’ll explain a bit later), so the main colour in hair is now a nine to eight. My hair is a normal thickness, but is quite silky and soft, so it doesn’t have much volume.


My older sister is a fully qualified hairdresser but doesn’t do that for her job anymore. I’m the only person that gets my hair done by her which is amazing, as what I get done costs around ¬£120 in a salon! I get my hair done every six months (which usually turns into a year) and I get a trim which is usually from half an inch to an inch off, and every second time I get a three colour full head of highlights, and the other times I get a two colour T-section. For my lowlight I get seven, and for my highlights I get a ten and a twelve (only reached with dye, not a natural colour). This time round I decided to also get semi permenant pastel pink balayage which turned out well. It’s all washed out now, five weeks later, but I don’t have any good photos!

I usually wash my hair every five to seven days, but I know not many people can go anywhere near that long! On days one and two, I wear it down, either wavy or straight, on day three I wear it half up half down, on day four I wear it in a ponytail, and the last day or two, boxer braids.


And lastly the products I use on my hair. I have a couple of  shampoos and conditioners that I use. One of my favorites is Tresemme Illuminating Blonde shampoo and conditioner which illuminate (obviously!) and enhance the different blonde tones in my hair. I also love using Provoke Touch of Silver shampoo and conditioner which takes away the brass/gold tones that blonde and platinum hair tends to get. My hair gets really tangled and one of my favorite products for this is Aussie Miracle Hair Insurance leave-in conditioner which I spray in my hair to protect and detangle it. One of my must have hair products is Batiste dry shampoo which adds volume and absorbs oil, which is good to use inbetween washes. As I’ve mentioned, my hair is quite soft and silky so sometimes a bit of texture is nesseccary. To achieve this I like to use Tresemme Perfectly (un)done sea salt spray which just adds more texture and makes the hair easier to work with and appear more volumised.

Love Sarah x


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