Things You’ll Forget But Need!

This post is a little bit different but I really do think that it’s necessary. When tavelling you have so much to think about and it can be quite stressful, and often it can lead to forgetting the things you wouldn’t first think about, but you really do need.
I thought I’d list a few of these things today, as I’ve been doing alot of traveling around France recently. These are things that I’ve forgotten on this trip, and previous trips (minus the time I forgot all of my bikinis when going on a beach holiday, because that’s an obvious one, right?!) but let me know if I’m forgetting anything, as it will be useful to know. I hope you enjoy, and this prevents you from forgetting something!

There is nothing worse than having a headache or being in pain, especially when on holiday or while travelling; so remembering pain releif is important! I always make sure I have ibuprofen with me just incase me or someone I’m with needs it.

More often than not, I forget my sunglasses. I end up having to by a cheap pair in a horrible shop somewhere in the resort, following being practically blinded by the sun. It seems like an obvious thing but they’re easy to forget, so always make sure to have a pair to make life a little bit easier.

When sitting in an airport, on a plane, or even on a sunbed enjoying the sun by the pool, it’s nice to have a magazine or book to read. Especially when sitting on a plane, it can be a bit boring so having something to read is always good.


There is nothing worse than not being able to sleep on the plane because the people in front are having a very loud conversation about how awful the weather in Britain is, or about how much weight they’ve lost for this holiday. This is a good moment to have ear plugs so you can no longer hear their conversation and you can fall asleep. And you never know if one of your friends actually snores or talks in there sleep.

If you end up being ill, or hurting yourself on holiday, you’ll probably need medical care, and to avoid paying you’ll need your health card. I have my E1 11 card (European health card), so I can get free medical attention if need be. You should probably get one depending on where you’re travelling to.

The last thing that no one things about is an adapter. You’ll need one of these if the country you’re travelling to has different plugs than the country you live in. I have British plugs at home, but in this case am taking European adapters so I can plug in electronics.

Love Sarah x


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