What’s in my Holiday Washbag?

I’m currently on a ten day long holiday to France and I’m exploring many of the cities and towns in the North. I’m writing this while sitting in my suburban Paris hotel room, looking out to my view of Parisian rooftops – my idea of perfect.
I thought I’d share with you whats in my holiday washbag for this trip, as I find these types of posts really helpful as knowing what kinds of things to bring can be tricky, and they’re also one of my favorites to read.

Obviously when you’re traveling you have limitiations to what you can take, but I’m not very good at narrowing things down, and finding multi tasking products; I just take everything!

Skincare is the first thing I think of when I think ‘washbag.’ For me a good lip balm is essential and recently I’ve been loving my Carmex moisturising lip balm, and another favorite of mine is my Burt’s Bees beeswax lip balm. In hotter climates, it’s essential to protect yourself from the sun, so I like to use Nivea sun protect lip balm which has the SPF of 30. You will also need a good SPF face cream, and my favorite one is Simple protecting moisture cream which also has the SPF of 30. At night you don’t want to have SPF in your moisturiser so I like to use E45 cream as my skin can get extreamly dehydrated, especially in the sun. For removing all of your makeup it is essential that you have the right skin care to do so. I like to take Simple oil balancing face wash and I use that with my Foreo Luna mini which I love. An easy option for on the go is Garnier micellar water and my favorite toner is Boots tea tree and witch hazel toner.


Taking good care of your body is another important thing which we musn’t forget to do. The most important thing is making sure your skin doesn’t get damaged by the sun. Any sun cream will do so long as it at least a three star UVA rating on the back. My prefered on is Hawaiian Tropic silk hydration protective sun lotion with the SPF of 30. It has a four star UVA rating, so is classed a superior, and it is recommended my the skin cancer foundation. I’m not one to get a very good tan due to my naturaly pale skin, so sometimes a little bit of fake tan is nice! I use St Moriz tanning mouse in medium, which leaves a super natural, non orange colour, which lasts a week. A couple of other essentials are my Soap & Glory the righteous butter to moisturise skin and maintain a sun tan (real or fake!). I’m also taking my Dove invisible dry deoderant and a razor. I’m currently using Gillette simply venus dispossable razors.


The next obvious category is hair. I’m using John Freida sheer blonde shampoo and John Freida sheer blonde conditoner which brings out my blonde. A product I can’t live without, Batiste dry shampoo for a quick freshen up and a boost of volume. Some would find it hard to believe that my silky smooth hair would get extreamly messy, and is actaully near impossible to brush through. To solve this I love using Aussie miricale hair insurance leave-in conditioner which detangles my hair (and smells amazing). The hair brush I use is the Tresemme ceramic styling brush which I like alot. I also use the Boots thick and thin ponybands as they call them; I’d call them hairbobbles. And I use Boots kirby grips. Lastly for hair, I’m taking my Babylis hair dryer and my GHD straightners.


Then the random things with no categories. Chanel No5 perfume is a must have, and also for scents I like the Charlie black body spray. I hate having dry hands so my No7 protect and perfect day hand cream with the SPF of 15 will solve that, and I can’t forget my trusty Burt’s Bees lemom cuticle butter. Remember your toothbrush and toothpaste, I like Colgate max white toothpaste and any toothbrush, along with my Listerine fresh burst mouthwash. And the thing that you can’t forget, sanitary products. Whatever your preference may be and whatever brand you choose to use, just don’t forget them. I’ve been there, horrible. Never happening again!


Love Sarah x


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