It’s My Birthday!

I’m currently in Normandy and I’m very excited for my ten day trip! We’re going to be doing so many amazing things, and I’ll obviously be sharing them with all of you!

It’s my birthday today and first of all I want to say thankyou to every single person who has wished me a happy birthday, been with me yesterday or today, and given me presents and cards, whether I’ve opened them yet or not. I’ve opened some of my gifts yesterday, I’ll be opening some today, and the rest when I get home.


I’m so happy that I’m getting to spend my birthday with all of my amazing friends, in France. I’m unbelivably lucky and I can’t quite believe it! I’m spending my first birthday without my family, but I was with them all yesterday so it makes it all okay!

I’ll be sharing with you what I got for my birthday next month, as ny schedual is packed! I hope you all have an amazing day, while I continue with mine! I’m so excited to be going to Paris soon too!

Love Sarah x


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