Surviving Long Hours on the Road

Tonight I’ll be traveling from Scotland to Normandy, France, which takes over twelve hours, including a ferry journey. Tommorow is also my birthday, so as you can probably imagine, I’m super excited! Traveling on the road is certainly not my prefered mode of transport, so here are some of my tips to make traveling on the road for long periods of time that little bit easier. Give me your tips too, as I’ll be traveling in eight hours for more than twelve!

1. Stop frequently at petrol stations, shopping centers, wherever you can really, so that you can strech your legs, buy food, keep well hydrated, and use the bathroom. I think we might even be stopping in London while driving through!

2. Wear comfortable clothing that isn’t too tight fitting. I’m wearing my H&M Grey Oversized Lace Up Sides Jumper which is really cosy, and fashionable too. I’m also wearing my Topshop Houndstooth Leggings which are alot nicer than your average leggings, but are super comfy too. I haven’t decided which shoes I’ll be wearing, but I’ll deffinetly be taking them off anyway!

3. Bring a big bottle of water with you, so you keep well hydrated, and fill it up or buy a new one whenever you can. Also bring food and snacks with you incase you get a little bit hungry. I’d recommend an apple, and maybe a little packet of crackers or something.

4. Make sure you have a book and a magazine as there will be points where you would have any wi-fi or phone network. My favorite book is You’re The One that I want by Giovanna Fletcher, and my favorite magazine is Glamour.

5. Bring your phone and charger, and listen to music with your earphones. It will help pass time and you’ll be able to phone someone for a bit of company if traveling solo.

6. Bring a blanket incase you get cold, and bring a pair of fluffy socks too! I am a cold person so this is essential for me! Especialy because we’ll probably have to get some sleep while on the road as we’ll be traveling overnight. Whether I do or not, is unpredictable as I’ll be really excited as it will be my birthday and I also find it hard to sleep while traveling.

Love Sarah x


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