Where to eat in Edinburgh

I’m so familiar with Edinburgh and it is an amazing city, with so much to see. There are also some of the best restaurants you will find. I have tried alot of restaurants and these are my favorites. If you too are an Edinburgh local, or if you ever visit, you should deffinetly try these restaurants!

Amarone, St Andrew Square, Edinburgh
Amarone is an Italian restaurant which honestly has the best pizza you will find. They have a wide variaty of pizza, pasta, fish, steak, salads, and meat. They have alot (and I mean alot!) of vegetarian ans gluten free options which are clearly stated on the menu. There are also some amazing desserts and drinks too. They also have restaurants in Glasgow and Aberdeen. If you are in Edinburgh (or the other two cities) at any point, I would highly recommend that you come here; you will not be disapointed.


Bonsai, Broughton Street and West Richmond Street, Edinburgh
Bonsai is a Japanese restaurant which has some of the nicest and most fresh sushi you will find. They have a good variaty of sushi, and they also have soup too. There are two restaurants, both of which are in Edinburgh. If you’re after some sushi, or want to try somewhere different while in Edinburgh, deffinetly come here!


Cafe Andaluz, George Street, Edinburgh
Cafe Andaluz is a Meditteranean/Spanish tapas restaurant and they have some delicious food. They have all kinds of Meditteranean and tapas foods that you can think of, all are high quality and tasty – they also have gluten free options. There are also two resaurants in Glasgow and one in Aberdeen. If you like tapas or want to try it, I’d recommend coming here.


Gusto Restaurant & Bar, George Street, Edinburgh
Gusto is an Italian/Meditteranean restaurant and bar, which have some great pizzas. Aside from pizzas, there are also a wide selection of pasta, salads, seafood, desserts, and drinks. There are fifteen restaurants arouns the UK, and if you are ever near any, you should deffinetly go!


Love Sarah x


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