01/05/16 – City Lights and Sunkissed Skin!

I sat down to write this summery of the week late on a Friday night and I realised that my memory is bad… I can’t even remember Wednesday nevermind Monday! So lets start with Thursday.


Thursday is my current least favorite day of the week which is a shame as from since I was about five, up until recently, it’s been a favorite. This Thursday was different – it was a beautiful day, and I would go as far as to say it was fun. First thing, we had Art, and we went on an Art bus which was a nice experience for most people but honestly, I may as well have been asleep… Later on in the day brought our lunch hour. We firstly decided to go to the nearest park, but then decided against it as we got there. We went to our usual place at lunch in the school. I needed (maybe not!) to take a selfie, and key to a good selfie – lighting. So I stuck my head (okay, half of my body) out of the window, to get the best lighting possible. The looks I got were somewhat interesting. They just know nothing about the art of taking a good selfie!
After school, I had a meeting to go to which was initially interesting, but just went down hill. I decided to go out after that with some friends. We just walked around downtown and chatted for hours.


Fridays are usually pretty average, apart from the fact that it is technically the start of the weekend and I have three hours at school, rather than six.
After school, I went to my sisters house and we went out, watched TV, talked about bomber jackets… general sister chit chat. My brother also came round for a while and we watched Friends for a while (I love Friends!). I got so tired that I couldn’t see; no joke! I put my glasses on and it was much better, but we drove home around half ten. The city lights fading the further downtown we got…


P.S – My skin is currently sun kissed, and my freckles are so dark at the moment, that they show through foundation. Yes!!

Love Sarah x


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