My Favorite Bath and Body Products

Who doesn’t love a nice warm bubble bath after a long hard day? And who doesn’t love to pamper themselves now and again? I thought I’d share some of my favorite pamper products with you today.

I (like pretty much every other human being) love Lush products. They have some of the best bath products imaginable, which are full of ingredients which are amazing for your skin. They do the best bath bombs, my favorites being Intergalactic, Sex Bomb, and Twighlight. They also do some amazing bubble bars, but my favorite one, Candy Mountain, only comes out for Christmas.


Another much loved, (and rightly so) bath and body brand is Soap & Glory. They have my favorite body butters which are the Sugar Crush body butter and The Righteous Butter body butter. They have amazing thick, yet easily absorbes formulas, which work amazingly on the skin. They also have some amazing body scrubs – my favorite is The Scrub of Your Life which is the best thing ever! They also have amazing hand and foot creams, which work wonders.


Another favorite of mine is Baylis & Harding beauticology. They have all kinds of amazing products like body wash, shower gel, body lotion, body butter, hand cream and soap. Two things that I’m currently using and loving are Toasted Marshmallow body lotion and Spiced Orange body wash. These smell amazing!


And lastly, an old lifelong favorite of mine is The Body Shop. They have all kinds of amazing products. My favorites are their lip balms, body butters and hand creams. I’m currently using the Strawberry shower gel and Strawberry body puree. I would say my favorite of their many amazing scents, is mango.

What are your favorite bath and body brands and products?

Love Sarah x


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