25 Facts About Me

I really enjoy reading these posts, so I hope you’ll like reading this. Tell me five facts about you in the comments, and let me know if you enjoyed. The facts are pretty random, but I hope they interest you.

1. I was born on a Sunday.
2. I have an older sister and an older brother, which makes me the youngest.
3. I went to a Roman Catholic nursery.
4. One of my favorite foods is wholewheat bread. I love carbs!
5. I love writing books and creating characters.
6. My biggest fear is fire and being burnt.
7. I make lists for everything and write everything down.
8. My shoe size is a UK 6. They’ve been that size since I was nine or ten.
9. My least favorite number is 14.
10. When I was little, I used to be terrified of turning sixteen, because I believed that what happend to Sleeping Beauty, would happen to me.
11. All of my nicknames are boys names. Marshall, Sam…
12. I’m a Taurus.
13. When I was little I had two imaginary friends called Julian and Rowey. They were little boys the same age as me.
14. I love seafood.


15. I laugh alot, at everything, and at innapropriate times; I just can’t help it.
16. I have broken my nose twice, my wirst, and my elbow. I’m very clumsy.
17. My real middle name is Jane, but I constantly change it.
18. I once changed the spelling of my name from Sarah to Sárra.
19. I have a strange birthmark on the back of my neck. It looks like a healed stab wound.
20. I am an organ donor.
21. I have a letter from the Queen of Britain.
22. I am 5’6ft or 167cm.
23. I have been a gymnast, a dancer, an actor, and singer. None have stuck with me.
24. I started skiing at age eight and it is my favorite sport.
25. My blue eyes are one of my distinctive features.

Love Sarah x


2 thoughts on “25 Facts About Me

  1. 1. I love being creative and making people laugh.
    2. I may write a complete blog post of 25 things myself.
    3. My shoe size is UK9. They’ve been that way since I was 6. (Okay slight exaggeration but not far from).
    4. I love skiing but can’t dance except for the cha-cha slide.
    5. This is the first comment I have ever written on a blog (I’m a fairly new blogger).
    6. I broke your 5 facts comment rule.

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