Is This My Year?

So today I thought I’d do more of a chatty post, just to talk to you guys on a more personal level, and discuss a few things. I hope you enjoy this – Let me know if you do or don’t! Also leave some comments so we can get chatting!

At the start of every year, like nearly everyone, I have a short ‘phase’ where I’m totally motivated and ready to do anything. That ‘phase’ usually lasts for about four days to a week, then it’s back to reality. This year it’s gone on, and I still feel ready to face the world nearly every single day (we all have a bad day, sometimes even week). I’ve started to care less, and over all, I feel like a much happier person; this year has been great so far.

Another thing everyone does (well nearly everyone), is make new years resolutions. You may have seen in my resolutions post, that I set a goal for each month. Januarys goal was to work out every day. I probably work out four to six times a week, so I’ve not done too badly. Februarys goal was to be nicer to people… I guess I’ve done OK-ish! My goal for March was to not eat chocolate or sweets, which is achieved on most days. And this months goal, April, was to write/speak about feelings of anger, which I havn’t done.

This year is going to be so exciting for me and I have some amazing things planned! I’m going to Normandy for five days, then Paris for five days. I’m going with some of my best friends, and it will bring some amazing posts. Also on the topic of travel, I’m going to Majorca for seven days, with my family, which will also bring amazing blogging oppertunities. That’s all the travel I have planned, but there will possibly be trips to London, Amsterdam, and some British islands too. I have some events to go to aswell, but you’ll have to wait to find out what they are!

I also want to ask what you guys want to see from this blog. If you have any requests please let me know. If you want to know my opinion on anything also let me know. Leave comments to tell me what you thought; it would be much appreiciated, and I’ll make sure I reply.

Love Sarah x


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