Talking About Periods – An International Investigation

On the 1st of March (a while ago, I know!), I got an email from Clue with the subject being “5,000 Ways To Say “Period,””

I read on and discover they had done an amazing international investigation back in November, to find out why the world feels the way it does about periods.

90,000 People Responded!!

You can explore the results for yourself; they were really interesting to see, and eye opening.

The whole investigation started because periods are a health reality for 50% of the world’s population, but the menstrual cycle is often not discussed – because of cultural discomfort, social customs or simply lack of information about the topic. Clue wanted to find out why…

… And with the help of the International Women’s Health Coalition (an advocacy group in New York which is a voice for the health and rights of women), and 90,000 women responding, they now have one of the largest surveys on period perceptions in the world.

They asked a few questions on period perceptions, to women from more than 190 countries. The results are really interesting, you have to have a look!

Clue also have an amazing period tracker app, which I have beifly mentioned before. It is free of charge, easy to use, and really helpful. It is a must have app.

Love Sarah x


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