What I Eat in a Day

I thought I would share with you what I would usually eat in a day. Let me know some of your favorite things are and if you have any recommendations. If you want to know what kind of other dinners I have, let me know.

Breakfast (7:20):
On weekdays this is always what I eat. It is so auick and easy to make. I know everyone has there different ways of making porridge, but I use water. On a weekend I sometimes have wholewheat bread and peanut butter, which is still healthy.
– Porridge with raspberries, greek yoghurt, cinnamon and honey.
– A pint of water (500ml).

Break (10:50):
On a weekday, when I’m not at home, and using more energy, I usually get hungrier quicker. So I have a slow release snack, nearly always a breakfast bar from Special K or Go Ahead.
– Cereal/breakfast bar.
– 1/2 bottle of water (250ml).

Lunch (13:15):
I have pretty much the same thing everyday. Sometimes the fillings differ, but usually this. I’m always full after this and it tastes good too.
– 1 slice of wholemeal bread with medium fat cream cheese, baby leave salad, 1/4 red pepper, and chicken.
– Unsalted cashew nuts and penuts.
– 1/2 bottle of water (250ml).

Dinner (17:00):
My dinner is slightly (but not much) different every night. I usually always have salmon, and I have this exact meal two or three times a week. Sometimes I have pasta, different fishes, just little changes – I’m quite boring…
– Salmon coated in chilli and ginger, a medium size sweet potato, asparagus, spinach and green beans
– Natural fruit mango and passion fruit frozen youghurt ice lolly.
– A pint of water (500ml).

Supper (20:00):
I have fast and high metabolism, so I get quite hungry. I have a small snack/supper every night, over an hour before bed. The fruit I have differs, but this is my current favorite.
– 2 satsuma oranges.
– 4 small oatcakes with medium fat cream cheese.
– 1 small biscut.
– 1 pint of sparkling natural water (500ml)

This whole days worth of food contains approximatly 1,700 calories. It doesn’t seem like alot, but for me, my lifestyle, body type, age and gender, it’s enough.
I also drink at least 2,000ml of water.

Love Sarah x


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