Some Blogs I Love… Part 2

I’ve done a part one to this, so if you haven’t read it, you can read it after this. I obviously have quite a few favorite bloggers, but that is because there are so many amazing ones out there, and I want to share them with you. I know there are many more I am yet to discover, so tell me your favorites.


Stockholm Streetstyle – Also known as, Carolines Mode. They post pictures of the coolest, most stylish outfits ever. It will give you serious style inspiration, so if you need some, check out Caroline’s blog.

The Blonde Salad – This blog is written by Chiara Ferragni and she is amazing. She mainly does blog posts on fashion, beauty, and lifestyle. She also posts regularly, and shows real dedication. I think you’ll love Chiara’s blog.

The Sartorialist – This is a fashion blog written by Scott Schuman. He does all kinds of incredible fashion looks all around New York and you will be really inspired by the outfits. You should deffinetly check out Scott’s blog.

The Skinny Confidential – Lauryn Evarts writes this amazing health and fitness blog. She obviously writes all about health and fitness, but also a bit about fashion and beauty too. Lauryn’s blog is a must read.

The Sunday Girl – This blog is a bit different from the others, it is just reviews and information, which sometimes is better than someone rambaling like I am right now. You should have a read at it. It is also updated daily.


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