What Makeup is to Me

Today I want to talk about my views on makeup and what it is to me. All people see it in a different way, and that is totally OK, but I feel that alot of people wear it for the wrong reasons – to fit in, because their friends were it, or they feel they have to hide behind it.

I don’t want anyone to feel that way, you should wear it to make you happy and for no one else! I understand the feeling self consious thing, everyone feels that way from time to time, and that’s OK!

When I’m having a bad skin day and I have to go out, I completly rely on my foundation! But for the most part, I enjoy doing it, and for me it is a form of self expression and it has become a big part of who I am.


Everyone seems to think I wear it for other people, e.g. boys. When I’m sitting touching up my makeup, people assume it’s because I’m about be around my crush, and it totally isn’t! Sure we want to look good around the boy or girl we like but I only put makeup on with my self in mind, and no one else.

Everytime someone sees me putting on makeup, they tell me to stop… WHY?! It has honestly got to the point where I feel as though I can’t put makeup on infront of certain people, and I really shouldn’t have to feel that way. Everyone should get to do what they want, and what they feel comfortable doing.

I love makeup and I will admit I wear it most days for myself, but I also feel just as confident without it. I think it is also really important to feel good in your own skin, but I totally understand if you don’t! I don’t by any means have perfect skin; it’s never clear, but I guess I just have quite alot of confidence.

There were three main things that inspired me to write this post. The first being I want all women and girls to feel as confident, and beautiful as they possibly can, with or without makeup. The next thing is I see young girls, as young as nine or ten, with full faces of makeup, and to be honest, it’s quite sad. Your wasting your flawless skin that you’ll kill to have back one day, and your spending a part of your childhood, that I used to play imaginary games, to wear makeup; there is plenty of time for makeup. And lastly because peoples perception of why I, myself wear makeup is really wrong! I’d only ever put makeup on for me.


Just to make it 100% clear, I am not in any way trying to force my opinion upon anyone. I just thought I’d share my opinion. It would be boring if we all thought the same so tell me why you agree or disagree with me, I’d love to know!

What do you think about this controversial topic?

Love Sarah x


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