Healthy Eating and Living Tips

Here are some of my healthy eating and living tips that I live by. If you have any that I haven’t included, let me know.

1) Drink 2 litres of lemon water Drinking lemon water throughout the day has so many health benefits, including fushing out toxins, giving you extra nutrients, and improving skin. Water is all I drink (apart from green tea) and now it’s all I want to drink.

2) Don’t add sugar or salt
Adding sugar and salt to food and/or drinks, is unnessecary and unhealthy. You can only have a very minimal amount of salt everyday, so don’t waste it on one meal.

3) Eat Fish
Fish is a great source of protien and nutrients, so eating at least two servings every week is very beneficial to your health. Adding fishes like salmon and tuna to your diet, is a big step towards being healthy.

4) Keep red and salty meat to a minimum
The only meat I eat is fish and poultry (turkey, chicken, duck) and I completley skip things like beef and pork. Pork is a salty and fatty meat, which is better out of your diet than in.

5) Don’t eat fast food or takeaways
Personaly, I couldn’t think of anything worse than a takeaway or fast food, but if it’s a favorite of yours, limit it to once or twice a month. The reasons that it’s unhealthy are quite obvious, the food is fried.

6) No fizzy drinks or energy drinks
Fizzy drinks and energy drinks are full of so much sugar, it’s quite disgusting. Fizzy drinks are OK on occasion (once a week), but energy drinks are awful. If you need energy (which you really shouldn’t) have a coffee, but just one or two.

7) Swap coffee for green tea
Coffee isn’t the worst thing for you, and a cup or two a day won’t do you any harm (or good). Green tea (caffine free) is a great alternative and it is so healthy. It kick starts your metabolism and is really tasty too.

8) Eat loads of greens
Eating greens is super important, as they’re super healthy and have loads of health benefits aswell. Eating enough of these gives you a good balances diet.

9) Have a big breakfast
Breakfast really is the most important meal of the day, and you should make it the biggest too. You haven’t eaten for around ten hours beforehand so make sure you eat something like porridge, wholegrain cereal, or wholewheat toast.

10) Eat loads of fruit and veg
For your whole life you’ve been told that you should eat five a day, and it’s true. They have so many health benefits, such as preventing diseases, and making your skin look amazing.

10) Don’t skip meals
Skipping meals is honestly the worst thing you could do. It makes me feel slightly annoyed when I see people skipping meals. Your body will go into fat storing mode, and it will totally ruin your metabolism. Don’t do it. Just don’t.

12) Eat when your hungry
When your hungry, you need food, so eat. Like skipping meals, your body will start to store fat and that will not be good. Your brain knows what your body needs, so listen to it and eat.

13) Have 7 – 9 hours of sleep
Sleeping is so important and making sure you get seven to nine hours per night can do you so much good. It restores your body and it makes your skin look so much better. The next day will be so much easier if you arn’t tierd.

Love Sarah x


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