My All Time Favorite Films

I wanted to share my all time favorite films with you, and tell you why I love them so much. These are in no particular order, I love them all very much.

1. Bridget Jones’s Diary
Oh my gosh I love this film! It is one of the funiest films I’ve ever watched and I laughed out loud so many times. It is a must see for anyone.

2. Single White Female
This film is so, so, good! I wouldn’t usually watch a film like this but it was amazing. It had me on edge the whole way through, and the ending was perfect and really unexpected.

3. Love Actually
Tell me who doesn’t love this film? Nobody? Exactly, it’s amazing. It made me cry (but what doesn’t) and it is just so… special. It really changes your perspective on love, and you realise, love actually, is all around you. You have to watch this right now, and every Christmas for the rest of your life.

4. The Impossible
If you haven’t seen this, you have to. It isn’t your average, poorly designed disaster movie, it is a well made true story. I cried the whole way through it, from ten minutes in, until the last scene. It is such an amazing movie, I love it.

5. Miss Congeniality
I love this so much that I once watched it three times in one day… really! I don’t love the second one as much, but this one is so good. It’s quite girly, but at the same time it really isn’t. A must see.

6. Legally Blonde
If I could be any character from any movie, I’d be Elle Woods. Shes blonde (like me), she loves pink (like me), and she goes to law school (like I will). It is one of my all time favorite movies, and she quotes some amazing things. She really proves that the stereotype of a blonde is very untrue.

7. Pompeii
This is a disaster movie, but I see it as a love story… So I’m really inerested in what happend in Pompeii, thats why I watched it, and the whole way through it all I wanted was for them to kiss! I watched it twice back to back, and then a couple of more times that week. A great movie.

8. Home Alone 2 (Lost In New York)
My favorite Christmas film ever. The first one is also great. I really dislike the third and fourth one though. The second one is amazing; it’s in New York, and I just love it. It’s a Christmas tradition to watch this with my siblings. You must watch it.

9. The Holiday
This is a great Christmas movie. I first watched it in the middle of July, and I love it. The actors in it are so good, and I really love the story line.

10. Sunshine On Leith
It is set in my home town, Edinburgh, where I was born, and in the area where I lived. I think it’s the main reason I love it. Also has a nice story to go along with it, and some music by Scottish singers who my Mum personally knows. Good film.


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